Panda Picks: 4 Privileges and Services You Can Take Advantage of at Jewel Changi Airport

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When it comes to providing people with an unforgettable shopping experience in Singapore, there’s nothing quite like Jewel at Changi Airport! This massive, dome-shaped lifestyle destination is a 10-storey shopping complex that’s linked to the Changi Airport, and it features more than 300 retail outlets, ranging from fashion boutiques to restaurants and lifestyle shops. It’s also known for its lush interior filled with greenery, headlined by nature-inspired attractions such as the Shiseido Forest Valley, Canopy Park, and The HSBC Rain Vortex—the world’s largest and tallest indoor waterfall. What’s more, the Jewel is open 24/7, although most of its stores operate between 10am and 10pm.

Due to the Jewel’s one-of-a-kind shopping experience, it’s no surprise that the mall complex has become a frequent destination for locals and international visitors. Aside from the mall’s spectacular offerings, people love coming back to the Jewel because of its excellent facilities, services, and perks. Mall-goers receive a ton of benefits that can make shopping at Jewel more fun and convenient. If you’re planning to visit the Jewel anytime soon, here are 4 privileges and services you can take advantage of.

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Exclusive Mall Rewards and Discounts

If you already have a ChangiPay account or have a few Changi Rewards e-Voucher Flexi and eCapitaVouchers, then you’ll definitely enjoy shopping at the Jewel. Most shops here accept Changi Rewards e-Voucher Flexi and eCapitaVouchers, so you can offset a portion of your purchases.

Using the ChangiPay app, on the other hand, will allow you to make seamless payments not only at the Jewel, but at Changi Airport and as well. You’ll also instantly earn Changi rewards points and collect exclusive vouchers, which you can use to offset for your next purchase at Jewel, Changi Airport, or What’s more, you’ll receive exclusive shopping and dining deals, as well as get a chance to win big prizes occasionally.

If you’re a member of the Changi Rewards or CapitaStar programme, you can earn Changi Rewards points and STAR$ respectively when making purchases and dining at participating outlets in the Jewel. However, if you’re a member of both programmes, then you’re in luck. Thanks to the Jewel Double Rewards programme, you can earn double Changi Rewards points and CapitaStar STAR$ for every qualifying transaction made. Just make sure that your Changi Rewards and CapitaStar accounts are linked to enjoy this perk.

Access to the Changi Lounge

One thing Jewel has that most malls don’t is an exclusive lounge. Located on level 1 in the Jewel, the Changi Lounge provides mall-goers as well as travellers laying over with a comfortable place where they can rest and freshen up. The lounge has a variety of amenities, including a free-flow snack bar, high-speed internet, showers, and napping pods. It also has private meeting rooms, which people can book for meetings and other small work gatherings.

If you want to rest in the lounge, the Changi Lounge offers three types of packages: Lite, Classic, and Premium. These packages let you enjoy the lounge for 3 hours, but each one comes with its own set of perks. For the Lite package, you’ll get access to the lounge and the free-flow snack bar. For the Classic package, you’ll get everything in Lite, as well as one hot meal and one beer. Lastly, the Premium package entitles you to everything in the Classic package with the bonus of a one-time shower service. The lounge is open daily between 8am to 10pm.

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Event Venue Rentals

Celebrating special occasions and hosting big events at the Jewel is possible, thanks to the mall’s event venue rental services. The Jewel offers four unique meeting spaces that can give you the best views of the complex’s nature-inspired attractions like The HSBC Rain Vortex.

The first is the Jewel Atrium.  This space is in basement 1, where the stores of many popular brands are located. This means that the space gets a lot of foot traffic, so it’s the perfect events area to set up vehicle displays, art fairs, and pop-up stores.

The second venue that can be rented is the Jewel Suite, which is located on level 4. This is a dedicated space that can seat up to 20 people, making it an excellent venue to hold intimate events, like family gatherings and birthdays. The Jewel Suite has a main lounge, TV lounge, and bar with complimentary snacks and beverages. It also has a private balcony where you can get a gorgeous view of the HSBC Rain Vortex.

The third venue is Cloud 9 Piazza. This 1,000 sqm, al fresco venue is located on the top of the Jewel, and it can accommodate more than 200 people. This spacious location is secured by hedges in planters, adding privacy to exclusive parties and conferences.

The fourth and final venue you can rent in the Jewel is the Changi Experience Studio. This studio is known for its digital attractions and interactive exhibits, which comprise 20 different touchpoints and 10 content zones. Amazingly, this 3,000 sqm space is available for rent, and its massive size makes it the perfect venue for Family Day events, huge corporate networking seminars, and new product launches.

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Modern Conveniences

Just like many malls, Jewel Changi Airport offers many other amenities that give mall-goers a more comfortable and convenient shopping experience. Things like ATMs, currency exchange kiosks, and pharmacies can be found around the mall. Aside from these, Jewel Changi raises the bar higher by having other modern conveniences, including nursing rooms with private nursing cubicles, diaper changing stations, and hot- and cold-water dispensers.

Jewel Changi even has early check-in facilities where travellers departing from Singapore can check in their baggage early. This way, travellers don’t have to lug their bags around while enjoying their time at the Jewel before it’s time to catch their flight. What’s more, there are even six electric vehicle charging stations at the car park, which means mall-goers can charge their electric cars while exploring the mall. Jewel at Changi Airport is more than just a mall; it’s one of Singapore’s most popular travel destinations where locals and tourists alike can do more than just shop. The Jewel is a complete entertainment and lifestyle hub that offers visitors a place to relax, have some fun, and revel in the top-notch services and privileges they can experience firsthand.

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