Food Review: Kemuri At Cuppage Plaza | Exclusive And Secret Japanese Restaurant For Yakitori Omakase Meal

The Place A Yakitori experience with access that is reserved for members only. That is taken from the website of Kemuri, a new Japanese Yakitori focused restaurant tucked away in Cuppage Plaza. I was curious about what Kemuri is all about especially after the fact that it seems quite “exclusive”, where it is also the sister restaurant of Michelin Plate awardee, Kappo Shunsui and concepts like Sushi Kyuu By Shunsui

From Kemuri’s website, “Membership will be offered to a discerning few that favour a bespoke and exclusive experience for their selected friends and business associates.” Not many new restaurants in Singapore target diners this way, and after a series of WhatsApp correspondences, I was happy to be granted a table. The full address will be revealed once your booking is confirmed. 

The entrance is as mysterious as I expected. You need to ring a bell before you are allowed into the restaurant, and it was a full house. It is a small and cosy space, with only ten counter seats and two tables for eight guests.

I did not manage to snag a counter seat and was at the table section instead, which is more private but you miss out on the grilling action as opposed to the counter seats. 

Kemuri is helmed by Chef Michio “Mitchy” Murakami, a Yakitori master that has gained a reputation as the Head Yakitori Chef at the sister restaurant of one of the most famous Yakitori restaurants in Tokyo. 

The Food Opened for dinner only, there is only one Omakase Menu (S$99++ per person) that reflects a series of Yakitori courses and seasonal ingredients sourced from Japan. The menu also includes appetisers, side dishes, as well as rice and noodle dishes. The main highlights of the Omakase are the various cuts of chicken being featured as skewers. 

Here are the series of courses to expect: 

Assorted Appetisers 
A series of appetisers to start presented on the same plate – Vinegared radish and carrot, Sweet black soy-bean; Dried persimon with miso marinated cheese; Bamboo shoot with Moromi miso; and Grilled marinated duck and burdock. 

Every dinner gets a platter of spices to go along with the Yakitori courses with the likes of Seven spices, Sancho Chilli, Yuzu Chilli and Spicy Miso Paste. There is no particular spice to pair with each course, and my favourite is the yuzu chilli powder. 

2 kinds of Skewers 
This is the first skewer I had, where the chicken meatball is well-marinated, and the sauce gives me a medium flavoured taste. 

Chicken Heart 
You get various parts of the chicken in this meal, and I started with the heart which is tender and relatively mild in flavour. 

Grated Radish 

3 kinds of Skewers 
Chicken Backside 
The idea is to be adventurous and give each part a try. Not my usual preference of chicken part, this chicken backside is surprisingly delicious for me. 

Shishito Pepper 
Japanese green chilli which is not spicy at all and slightly salty. 

Chicken Thigh 
As expected, a tender and flavourful course. 

I like that minced pork is added to the steamed egg which makes it very flavourful and tasty. 

3 kinds of Skewers 
Chicken Gizzard 
This is my least favourite chicken part, as the flavour is the blandest for me, yet it is overly chewy in texture. 

Japanese Cabbage 
As I noticed, vegetable courses are mixed in between the chicken parts to balance out the flavours. 

Chicken Breast 
One of my top favourite courses here, this chicken breast is surprisingly very tender and rich in flavour unlike my usual impression of chicken breast meat. 

Tsukemono (Assorted Pickles) 
The last “palate cleanser” course before the last series of skewers. 

5 kinds of Skewers 

Chicken Neck 
Definitely one of my top three sticks here, the neck portion is surprisingly very tasty. 

Not your usual potatoes, these Japanese ones are softer than usual. 

Chicken Liver 
I am not a chicken liver person so this also ranks low for me. 

Chicken Wing 
The last chicken part is a non-controversial wing, which has a nice charred flavour and fall-off-the-bone tenderness to it. 

Tori Soup (Chicken Soup) 
Looks simple, but this is a delicious and rich chicken soup for the soul after the series of skewers. 

Rants The Omakase meal ended with the soup, and there is no dessert thereafter even though you can opt for it as an additional order. Similarly, rice and soba are available as an added option to the Omakase. 

Will I Return Again? Overall, S$99++ for an 18 courses Yakitori Omakase is fairly reasonable. I enjoyed most of the skewers except a few parts, and the flavours are generally strong with hints of char. The exclusive members only aspect of Kemuri feels more to me like a branding gimmick, which is fine for me so long as it does not require a membership fee of sorts. 

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Address: Private (somewhere in Cuppage Plaza) 
Tel: +65 9772 4300 
Opening Hours 
Tuesday to Sunday: 6pm till late 
Closed on Monday 

Ranted by The Ranter 

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3 Comments on Food Review: Kemuri At Cuppage Plaza | Exclusive And Secret Japanese Restaurant For Yakitori Omakase Meal

  1. Looks like a great experience – thanks for sharing!


  2. If the place is suppose to be exclusive or secretive then wouldn’t stating cuppage plaza be revealing its location?


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