Lounge Review: Japan Airlines (JAL) Sakura Lounge Sky View, Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) | Beautiful & Minimalist Interior Design With Delicious Lounge Food

The Lounge It was my first time on Japan Airlines (JAL) Business Class flight and I was excited to check out the JAL Sakura Lounge Sky View located in Terminal 3 of Tokyo Haneda Airport. The lounge is located on level four and five, and the staff told me that both levels are accessible by Business Class passengers.

I checked out the level five lounge, a huge and beautiful lounge with plenty of natural light and awesome view of the runway. 

The beauty of the Sakura Lounge is the minimalist design. I love the wooden interior and the fact that there are many different pockets of space throughout the lounge to suit different needs. 

Turn right upon entering the lounge, you will be greeted by the restaurant section where food is served, and the layout of the lounge here is suited for eating with proper dining tables and plenty of charging points. 

There are also plenty of window seats if you prefer a little sunlight, and even high chair counter tables for a clearer view of the runway. 

Moving to the middle section of the lounge, the ambience here is slightly dimmer and mainly consists of lounge chairs if you just need a drink and a more comfortable seating. 

If you walk towards the end of the lounge, and mind you, the lounge is pretty long, the ambience is the most conducive for a nap as there are no windows. The good aspect is that there are a couple of drinks stations throughout the lounge for ease of access to the variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. 

There are even private phone booth stations for you to take calls privately, so that you do not disturb other guests as well.

The bathroom has plenty of cubicles and is spotlessly clean. The only downside is that there are no shower cubicles. 

The Food Unlike most airport lounges which operate in a self-service buffet setting, I really appreciate the finer set up here at the Sakura Lounge. Simply look through the menu at the counter and place your order with the staff, and your food will be nicely arranged on a tray within minutes. 

I like the variety of dishes here, mainly Japanese selections like beef don, beef curry, Japanese bento box with an assortment of ingredients, along with western options like scrambled eggs, French onion soup, croissant and bread. 

The quality of the food here is easily one of the best lounge food for me, and it definitely beats what I had at the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge in Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 3. 

In terms of beverages, you can expect a good range of wines, Japanese beer on tap, various types of spirits, coffee and tea. 

Rants It is a pity there are no shower cubicles in this huge lounge. 

Overall Experience If you are flying out of Haneda Airport on Japan Airlines, I highly recommend setting aside some time to check out the Sakura Lounge. Beautiful lounge aesthetics, quality food and great service from the staff, this is one of the best lounge experiences for me. 

JAL Sakura Lounge 
2 Chome-6-5 Hanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan 

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