Flight Review: Japan Airlines (JAL) Sky Suite III Business Class Flight From Tokyo Haneda Airport to Singapore Changi Airport 

The Flight My first Japan Airlines Business Class experience was on JL37 from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Singapore Changi Airport and I managed to book myself on the JAL Sky Suite 787. There are three versions of the Sky Suite, and my flight was on Sky Suite III. 

If you are flying on JAL Business Class, the JAL Sakura Lounge Sky View located in Terminal 3 of Tokyo Haneda Airport is gorgeous and is definitely worth checking out before boarding.

The Design The seating configuration of Sky Suite III is 1-2-1, and is such that all window seats slant and face towards the window at an angle, while the centre seats face towards the middle in the same direction. In this design, the passenger at the window seat and the immediate passenger in the same row at the middle section face away from each other. For added privacy, there is a centre partition for the two middle seats. 

In terms of storage compartment, there is a small storage and & headphone hook (in the storage) along with a vanity mirror. It is not as big as the 787 Business Class on Singapore Airlines, but good enough to store the headphones, a phone charger, water bottle and passport. 

Basic amenities kit is also provided. In terms of charging points, there is an AC power outlet which is great for three pin plug, USB port, and a headphone jack. 

The armrest on the aisle side of the seat is adjustable and you can change the height by several levels by detaching the latch. This is useful if you need an armrest at different positions of the seat, be it in an upright position or a flatbed position. 

For the entertainment system, the touchpad controller is quite small, and I find it challenging to press through the small buttons to select my shows. That said, the 17-inch monitor is touchscreen. My other rant is that the in-flight selection is quite limited and bad in terms of variety of shows as compared to Kris World on Singapore Airlines, so I suggest loading a couple of shows on your Netflix account. 

The meal table mechanism is also not complicated like some other airlines, where you simply push down a latch. 

On to the most important feature of the seat, how did the bed fare? I have read a couple of reviews on how narrow the seat on Sky Suite III is, and true enough, it is definitely not the widest Business Class seat around. There is barely space to toss around, so it is most certainly a flat lie down position for most people. I am about 1.7m, so I did not have an issue with the length of the bed and fortunately I did not need to bend my legs at all. For a mid-haul 7 hours flight, I do not have a big issue with the flatbed which is easily adjustable via the incline or recline button below the magazine rack. 

The Food One highlight of the flight on JAL for me is the food, and I meant the Japanese selection in particular. The Japanese menu is created by chef-owner Mishina Jun of ‘REN MISHINA” Ginzo, Tokyo. 

The first act of the meal is coined “Mountain’s Smile” – a bento box of an assortment of dishes – Grilled Black Cod “Saikyo Miso” Flavor, Yuba Roll, Butterbur Stem, Duck Dumpling, Carrot & Bamboo Shoots & Japanese Pepper Buds; Simmered Abalone & Sea Urchin in Abalone Broth Sauce; Prawn Cake; Omelette with Crab & Vegetables; Simmered Sakura Shrimp, Bracken, Potherb Mustard; and Red Konjac & Deep-fried Tofu. 

The flavours are light yet delicious, and you can always trust on an enticing and colourful display of ingredients. I honestly did not expect to see and taste sea urchin on a flight, and the Simmered Abalone & fresh Sea Urchin in Abalone Broth Sauce is my favourite element. 

The second act is the “Dainomono” where there are the likes of Braised Beef with Garland Chrysanthemum; Udo Mountain Vegetable & Burdock; Deep-fried Salmon with Asparagus; Ren’s Special Curry; Steamed Rice; Miso Soup with Aosa Seaweed & White Leeks; Pickled Vegetables & Simmered Kelp. 

I love the curry which is perfect with the warm steamed rice, and that braised beef is tender and delicious too. 

The last act is dessert, where I had the Matcha Green Tea Pudding with Strawberry & Red Bean Jam, served with Green Tea or your choice of beverage. 

The crew also proactively asked if I needed any drink, and I even requested for an instant soba noodle to try.

The Business Class bathroom size is basic and clean, and you can expect basic amenities kit in the bathroom by Miller Harris.

Rants Relatively narrow seats and mediocre in-flight entertainment system. 

Overall Experience The inflight entertainment system is the weakest link for me on the JAL JAL Sky Suite III on the 787. Overall, service is good though there is also a general lack of personal touch which I usually see more on Singapore Airlines flights. That said, you can expect a good meal with the Japanese food selection. 

Ranted by The Ranter 

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