Hotel Review: Hotel Wood Takayama | Affordable & Minimalist Zen Hotel In The Heart Of Takayama

The Hotel Takayama is a charming small city in Japan within Gifu Prefecture. I checked into the relatively new Hotel Wood Takayama during my second visit to this city, and the wooden exterior of the property already left a good first impression. Hotel Wood Takayama is about ten minutes’ walk from Takayama Station, and it is strategically located close to the historic old town Sanmachi Historic District which is one of the main highlights of Takayama. 

The entrance of the hotel exudes a strong zen element which extends to its interior as I slid open the wooden doors. It is not a huge property, and in fact most buildings in Takayama within the old town district are not tall. My check-in process was relatively fuss-free and the staff took time to explain the facilities in the hotel. 

The Room I checked into the entry level Standard Twin Room which spots a minimalist design. It feels relatively spacious even though the room is only 25 sqm, and the most starking observation is that there is no tv in the room which is a deliberate attempt by the team to allow your mind to rest. 

It is an elevated platform for the sleeping zone, made up of two twin mattresses which are using [Airwave mattress] that are supposedly used by the world’s top athlete. I only knew about the mattress after my stay, and I did have a good two nights sleep during my stay here. 

There is also a small side table and two wooden chairs in a corner of the room which is great to store some of my belongings. 

The bathroom sink is on the same table as the “work” desk or dressing table, and I do find the height of the sink/table to be quite low, so it might not be so comfortable to use the sink if you are above 1.7m tall. The standing shower area is basic but functional.

The rest of the room amenities are quite basic, with the usual tea bags and mini fridge.     

The Facilities There is a Zen Room within the property for guests to experience the spirit of wabi-sabi though I did not manage to check it out. I do not think there is a need to as well, since I much rather chill in my own room. The lounge in the lobby area is a beautiful space where breakfast takes place.

One of the best perks of the hotel is that it offers complimentary evening till nightfall drinks for all guests which include a variety of sake, craft beers, juices, milk, coffee and tea. 

The other main facility of the property is the public bath area located on level one for a nice soak. It is an indoor onsen area and is relatively small. 

Rants For those who do not plan on renting a car, be prepared to walk at least ten minutes to the hotel with your luggage. There is also no fitness centre for those who need to work out during your holidays. In addition, there is also no dining concept per se within the hotel, which is not a big issue since there are plenty of dining options within close proximity of the hotel.      

Overall Experience It is a pleasant stay overall for me at Hotel Wood Takayama. The main draws for me are the design of the property and its close proximity to the old town area as well as most of the restaurants which I visited. What’s more, the room rates are relatively affordable too. This is one hotel I highly recommend staying if you are planning a trip to Takayama.  

Hotel Wood Takayama 
80番2, 80-2 Kamininomachi, Takayama, Gifu 506-0845, Japan 

For more information, check out Hotel Wood Takayama Website.

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