Food Review: Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

The Place As one of the most famous Cantonese restaurants in Singapore, Wan Hao is centrally located at level 3 of Marriott Hotel in Orchard Road. I have heard rave reviews of the Peking Duck here which is definitely the main draw for me as I am a Peking Duck lover. The interior of Wan Hao is posh and is an ideal restaurant to impress your future-in-laws or business partners. Reservations is a must due to the high popularity of the restaurant, be it for dinner or dim sum lunch.

The Food As I patronised Wan Hao during dinner time, it was an easy decision for me to skip all the dishes on the menu and head straight to order the Peking Duck. There is only an option for a whole duck ($90), so it might be advisable to order the Peking Duck for a table of 3-4 people unless you are a super Peking Duck lover like myself.

I was in luck that day as my Peking Duck was humongous.

All the serving staff in Wan Hao are trained to slice the Peking Duck, which came as a pleasant surprise to me as the chef is usually the one who does the slicing of the skin in most Chinese restaurants.   

The generous pile of duck skin awaiting.

I chose to do the wrapping of the skin myself instead of having it being done for me as that is the joy of ordering a Peking duck; being able to custom it your own way according to your taste bud.

This is definitely one of the best Peking Duck in Singapore. The sauce is awesome, the duck skin is crispy and the servings are generous.

As for the rest of the duck meat, you can choose to either fry it with Bee Hoon or Fried Noodles (Ee mian) or simply have the meat chopped and served. I really have to commend the exceptional service at Wan Hao as the service staff have been very attentive at all times. One of the waitress took the initiative to serve us the drumstick separately, while the rest of the duck meat goes into the Fried Noodles. 

The duck meat is succulent enough for duck lovers.

The Fried Noodles is a generous portion which can easily fill 3-4 people but will probably overkill a couple. Will I return again? Yes. It is difficult to find good service and quality at the same time in a restaurant but I would say Wan Hao possess both of the above. I will definitely return again, the next time round to try the Dim Sum.

Make your reservation instantly at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant here.

TheRantingPanda says:

Taste bud: 4.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 4.5/5
Ambience: 5/5

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
320 Orchard Rd, 3F Marriott Hotel, Singapore
Singapore 238865
Tel: +65 6831 4615


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