Food Review: Borshch Steakhouse [Closed]

The Place When I think of affordable Russian food in Singapore, Borshch Steakhouse is the first that comes to mind. It is a fairly inconspicuous restaurant given that it is located in the prime and heart of the ever busy Serangoon Gardens estate. Parking can be a problem if you drive due to the congested traffic on weekends but there is always the nearby My Village carpark.

The nondescript interior of Borshch is definitely not one good reason to be here. On the contrary, it is this unpretentious setting that draws regular customers back everytime as it feels like home.

Do not expect much of the service standard here either, and expect to expend huge effort in getting the attention of the service staff. The poor service – as evident by how my cutlery was thrown on the table and left as it is.

The Food Most patrons will order the dinner set in Borshch as it is incredibly value for money. It comprise of an appetiser (Caviar With Egg/Shrimp Cocktail), a choice of drink (Coffee/tea/soft drink), soup (Mushroom soup/Borshch soup), mains(Steak/Chicken/Pork/Fish/Lamb) and dessert (Peach Melba/Fancy Pancake/Ice-cream), all for $14.80 excluding service charge. On a positive note, there is no GST here. After operating in Serangoon Gardens for more than 20 years, Borshch is amazingly inflation proof.

Appetiser: Shrimp Cocktail

Choice of Drink: Coke

For soup, my recommendation is to go with the Borshch Soup, which is done in a fairly authentic Russian fare, perfect combination to go with the bread.

For mains, my choice is the Pepper Steak and I would suggest having it done medium rare if it is your usual ritual. The steak will not make you feel over the top but it is really comfort food at the price you are paying. Do not fret if the pepper sauce is insufficient as you can always request for more.

Dessert is no fanciful Häagen-Dazs ice-cream but a decent scoop of Vanilla with some fruits and plenty of whip cream.

Will I return again? Of course. If I feel like having a comforting meal and yet do not wish to overkill my wallet, I will think of Borshch Steakhouse.

TheRantingPanda says:

Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 2/5
Ambience: 1/5

Borshch Steakhouse 勃资西餐
58 Serangoon Gardens Way, Singapore 555954
Tel: +65 6280 4351                                                                                                           

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