Food Review: Robert Timms

The Place As a casual Australian cafe famous for its coffee, Robert Timms is one of the restaurants in Singapore where you can enjoy both quality food and coffee at the same time. It seems difficult to stumble upon cafes which are able to juggle between serving quality food and coffee, and it seems more likely than not that the two are mutually exclusive. I like the casual ambience of Robert Timms as well as the convenient hotspot location in town with outlets in Wheelock Place and Somerset.

The Food
From Braised Kangaroo Loin to Braised Crocodile to the safer choice of Fish and Chips, there seems to be something alluring on the menu for both the adventurous and safe foodies. I am clearly the latter for this visit as I had the predictable Beer Battered Fish and Chips ($19.80), which in my opinion is one of the best deal you can find in Singapore. There is a choice of normal Shoestring Fries or Criss Cut Fries. To put it simply, the fish is fresh, crispy and tasty. The huge portion is also sure to satisfy even the most ravenous soul out there.

Apart from that, we also had the Paper-bag Baked Snapper Fillet ($26.50) with white wine butter sauce. This is definitely a choice for the health conscious as the Baked Snapper Fillet has potatoes and carrot as well.

Another mains on the table was the oven baked Turkey Parcel ($22.80), which is stuffed with mushroom and ham. I thought that the dish is creatively done as the mushroom and ham stuffings added more flavour to the taste of the Turkey. What’s more, there is also a choice of Shoestring Fries or Criss Cut Fries for the sides.

In addition, we shared the Mussels ($19.50) which I have heard rave reviews prior to coming here. Indeed, I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of the mussels given that it is not positioned as a mussels establishment like Brussels Sprout. It is even better when you can choose how you want your mussels to be cooked in – White Wine, Perth Style, VB Beer or Spicy Chilli. The bucket of Mussels is ideal for sharing among 4 people and the bread that comes along goes very well with the White Wine as well.

The perfect way to end off a visit to Robert Timms: enjoy a sip of Cafe Mocha ($5.80).

Will I return again? I was fortunate to enjoy the 1-for-1 promotion for the mains during this GSS period so it was really value for money. Without the promotion, I will probably still return for the mussels and coffee.

TheRantingPanda says:

Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3/5

Robert Timms
Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road, #01-02
Singapore 238880
Tel: +65 6735 9201

Orchard Shopping Centre
321 Orchard Road, #01-01/02
Singapore 238866
Tel: +65 6733 0609

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1 Comment on Food Review: Robert Timms

  1. There’s also beer battered fish and chips at Bunker Bar Bistro Restaurant at Changi. It’s a really nice place to hang out, you could drop by!


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