Food Review: Golden Peony @ Conrad Hotel

The Place Having won numerous awards over the past few years, Golden Peony is one of the most renowned Chinese restaurants in Singapore offering authentic Cantonese cuisine. Located at level 3 of Conrad Hotel, it gives me the vibe of Chinese fine dining as I stepped into the restaurant. The posh oriental interior and ambience is the prelude to an awesome Dim Sum lunch experience. To my surprise, it was not very crowded on a Saturday lunch and we managed to walk in without making any prior reservations.

I like the spacious setting at Golden Peony as provides a more cosy and private dining experience, unlike some Dim Sum restaurants.

The Food The Dim Sum menu here is relatively widespread, with the usual likes of Char Siew Bao, Siew Mai, Har Gow to the more creative and exquisite items such as Baked scallop with fresh milk pastry and Steamed egg plant.

Baked scallop with fresh milk pastry ($5.20) – Another creative item on the menu is the baked scallop which looks like an ordinary pastry. The milk based crust is crispy and the taste of the fresh scallop fillings is distinct as well.

Steamed barbequed pork bun ($4.80) – This is above average as I like the softness of the bun. The char siew fillings is delicious as well.

Siew Mai ($6) – Disappointingly, it is average in my opinion. The overall taste is bland and I was not able to really taste the prawn.

Golden fried mashed Taro with minced meat and garlic ($4.80) – I like how the yam is encapsulated within the skin, resulting in a very tasty end product.

Golden fried Sea Perch and Avocado ($4.80) – This is definitely one of the more creative items on the menu as I have never seen this on any other restaurants before. The sea perch is fresh, while the avocado slice is huge. Taken together, it brings dim sum dining to a whole new experience altogether.

Steamed Egg Plant ($3.80) – This is a very creative rendition of an Egg Plant dish as I have never tried something like that before. If you are a fan of fried food like me, then this is worth trying.

Steamed chicken feet in XO chilli sauce ($4.80) – The XO chilli sauce is the saviour of this dish.The prefect way to end off a Dim Sum meal is to be presented with a glass of refreshing Calamansi juice to aid digestion, with compliments from Golden Peony.

Rants Apart from the slightly high end price of the Dim Sum offered here with each food item averaging between $5-6, there is seriously nothing much to rant about. Quality of the food is above average while service is decent as the waitress will attempt to explain what each dish is when it is served, in case you are puzzled if that is what you have ordered. However, this is clearly beyond the budget of TheRantingPanda to be considered a monthly affair. There is also no credit card promotions here at the moment to discount the bill, but a value of 10% of your total bill will be given as part of the Conrad Dollars, where it can be used to offet your bill on your next visit to Golden Peony or Oscar’s Cafe.

Will I return again? If I want a cosy dim sum experience again and am feeling fat in my pocket, I will definitely return to Golden Peony.

Reserve your table at Golden Peony on now!

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4/5

Golden Peony
2 Temasek Boulevard,
Level 3 Conrad Centennial Hotel, Singapore
Tel: +65 6432 7482


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