Food Review: Peach Garden Noodle House | Casual eatery at Gardens by The Bay

The Place Think of Gardens by the Bay and images of the gigantic supertrees will come to mind. Other than the supertrees, there are also quite a number of dining options and I happened to try Peach Garden Noodle House. This is a casual eatery within a food court setting if you are looking for a quick fix.

The interior of the restaurant is designed to mimicked the supertrees in Gardens by the Bay.
IMG_0992The Food As per most Cantonese eateries, the menu includes Dim Sum and the likes of La Mian (noodles) and Congee.

The Porridge with sliced fish ($6.80) comes in a spoon-shaped bowl and the portion is just right for one person. I like the fine and tasty texture of the congee and not to mention the fresh sliced fish.
IMG_1005For noodle lovers, the Noodle with prawn dumpling ($7) is not to bad a choice as well. The noodle and soup has a old Hong Kong taste to it and it reminds me of those I had while in Hong Kong.
IMG_0995The Siew Mai with lobster ($8.80) is disappointing though. It is way overpriced and the worst deal is that I was unable to taste any lobster in it.
IMG_0998Our last bite was the Pan-fried onion pancake ($2.80) which is crispy, tasty and sinfully addictive as well.
IMG_1002Rants Some hits and misses here and there but overall it is still a pleasant dining experience. 

Will I return again? The prices at Peach Garden Noodle House are generally reasonable with the exception of some dishes. However, the quality of the food is nothing to shout for to warrant another visit from me any time soon.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud:
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 3/5

Peach Garden Noodle House
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


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