Food Review: Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

The Place Every die hard chocolate fans would have definitely heard of Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, the specialised chocolatier located at Robertson Quay. The place is really packed almost every weekend, especially in the evening. While the prices of the desserts and gourmet chocolate pieces ain’t cheap, the quality is almost assuring every time I dropped by to satisfy my sweet cravings.

The Food My Hot Chocolate Ancienne ($9) is thoughtfully presented with the milk and the chocolate in separate portions. I like the idea that I can adjust to the degree of how chocolatey I want my drink to be. The chocolate is really dense and rich, so do try to taste and sample the drink at varying degrees instead of pouring all the chocolate into the milk.
IMG_1661 Our Valrhona Warm Chocolate ($12) comes with a Vanilla ice-cream. The portion is not big but it is still good for sharing with 2 or 3 people since it is very rich. The warm chocolate lave does ooze out seamlessly and needless to say, it is very well complimented with Vanilla ice-cream as I always think so.
IMG_1664As if we have not got enough of chocolate, we also tried the Guanaja Chocolate Souffle ($18). Somehow we were given the Raspberry sorbet even though we were not asked which flavour we preferred, as I do not think the sorbet/ice-cream flavour is defaulted. But anyways, it turned out to be a rather refreshing flavour to go with the souffle. The souffle is extremely fluffy, which makes it quite joy to eat. The texture is moist enough, as I do not fancy souffle which is too dry in texture.
IMG_1667Rants The desserts surely are priced above the average ice-cream cafe or dessert shop. Seats are pretty limited as well, which is partially attributed to the high crowd traffic at Robertson Quay.

Will I return again? This is a place to have quality chocolate desserts anytime for tRP as we have tested and proven that we are not shortchanged on the quality.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 239013
Tel:+65 6235 9007
Operating Hours: Daily from 1pm – 12am, except Monday (6pm – 11pm)

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