Food Review: Ronin | A gem in Hong Kong Street

The Place It seems these days that the more out of sight a café is, the more popular it will be. This is pretty obvious with Ronin, which I will never ever discover if not for social media. Located along the sleepy Hong Kong Street, Ronin is run by the same group of folks behind The Bravery and The Plain cafe. It is good fun locating Ronin, as there is no signboard at the entrance and no way you can tell it is a bustling café scene behind the glass doors. IMG_9914

The raw industrial look of the café grows on me, as it creates a very comfortable ambience even though it was fully packed while I visited on a Saturday afternoon. Look around and I noticed two communal tables, so be expected to rub shoulders with fella café enthusiasts.   IMG_9913
The Food
The most hip factor of Ronin is that it has no menu! But fret not, that does not mean there is no food here but we have to ask the staff what is available on the day. Apparently this concept was conceived to encourage more communication. In any case, I find it quite a refreshing idea, or rather a pretty lazy idea on my part since I do not have to browse any menu and probably save me the first world problem of having too much options to choose from. This brings me to my next point that the brunch options are limited, mainly sandwiches, Ronin’s home style French Toast which is seemingly popular and the Scrambled Eggs with your own choice of sides (avocado, Portobello mushrooms, bacon).

The only dessert I spotted at the counter is the Chocolate Brownie.IMG_9907
It was a no brainer for me to choose the Scrambled Eggs set with Portobello Mushrooms and bacon ($12) as I love eggs. And this must have been one of the most awesome scrambled eggs I have had in any café in Singapore. The runny eggs is a perfect spread on the toast, and the killer recipe is definitely the optimal tinge of buttery taste in the eggs which seals its verdict as the best in my opinion. This is easily one of the best brunch I tried the past one year. IMG_9905Coffee wise, I opted for the Latte ($4.20) uses the same Genovese blend as The Bravery and The Plain. Personally, I think the coffee taste leans more towards low acidity and a light body, which is not too bad for me on weekends.IMG_9900Rants The limited space and food options may be reasons to rant. But if there is anything such as less is more, Ronin definitely epitomises this saying with its focus on good quality and standard in its food, at least for what I have tried.

Will I return again? The price is surprisingly very affordable by café standards and what is even more satisfying is the quality food it serves. Definitely a hidden gem in Clarke Quay area and no prizes for guessing if I will be back.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

17 Hongkong Street Singapore

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 8am-8pm

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