Food Review: The Bravery Cafe | Chill-lax cafe in Jalan Besar

The Place This is one of the most overdue cafes which have been on my to visit list but also my deferred list. It is always the case of not treasuring the things right in front of us, as in the case of The Bravery Café, which happens to be located less than 3km from my house yet it is only till today that I managed to check it out.IMG_0010It is a small simple, raw industrial vibe café near Lavender station/Jalan Besar road which does not have an obvious entrance for the first timers. Go figure out where the entrance is if you have not been here, I bet it will be a few seconds of fun if not embarrassing moment.IMG_0015The Food The menu is a one pager and the main brunch choices are Eggs on Toast ($8), which offers the option of topping up with various sides such as Beef/Lamb sausage ($4) or Smoked Salmon ($5). There is also some sandwiches as well as simply toast/sourdough on the menu. Prices for the mains are reasonable, ranging from $8-$14 on average.

I opted for the Eggs on Toast ($8) with Beef Sausage ($4), which comes in a decent portion. There is a choice of poached or sunny side up eggs , which comes nicely served on the toast. To be honest, I can’t help but compare the standard of the food here to Ronin, which is apparently run by the same group of people behind The Bravery as well. Sad to say that the toast has failed on my expectations as the taste is too dry while the texture is too tough. It will also be better if it is more buttery as well, just my personal preference.   IMG_0021This is the Poached Egg version of the Eggs on Toast.IMG_0024The saving grace is the coffee, which uses the same Genovese blend as Ronin. I had the Latte ($4.50) which is pretty good, love the smooth texture and medium body taste.IMG_0019Rants The loud music is quite distracting if you just want to have a peaceful ambience to enjoy your coffee, which probably explains the option of outdoor seats. Food is merely passable.

Will I return again?
No harm popping by for some coffee on weekends, but I will skip the food next time round.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
theRantingPanda Paws: 3paws

The Bravery Cafe
66 Horne Road
Singapore 209073
Tel: +65 9452 4785

Opening Hours:
Mon: 08:00 – 20:00
Wed – Sun: 08:00 – 20:00

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