Food Review: Nabehide|Japanese Hotpot Dining @ Anchorpoint [Closed]

The Place Thanks to the Palate card, I managed to find out that the Gyu-Kaku group of restaurants has recently opened Nabehide – Japanese Hotpot Dining, quite different from the barbeque Yakiniku style of the Gyu-Kaku restaurants. The only outlet currently is at Anchorpoint, housed in the same old colonial looking building as Gyu-Kaku just opposite IKEA Alexandra.IMG_0136IMG_0131The ambience of the restaurant is comfortable, maybe because of the lighting which is not too bright as well as the dining privacy. The space is not big and there aren’t many tables as well.

Nabehide prides itself on serving quality food, which is evident in the way every small item is being prepared, from the Sesame sauce to the Ponzu sauce to the soup base.   IMG_0103Charcoal is used in the hotpot here.IMG_0107The Food Hotpot is the main draw here where we can select a few types of soup base, such as Miso soup base, Sesame soup base or Soy Milk soup base. We decided to go for the Sesame soup base which sounds quite exotic to me. There are various types of meat to select to go with the hot pot such as Chicken, Pork and of course Beef, with various options such as the Australian Beef or the pricier Japanese Wagyu Beef.IMG_0099IMG_0097For sides, we tried the Fried Gyoza which I quite like it for the crispiness.IMG_0119I totally love the Sesame soup base, which is not salty by my standard and I am sure les MSG than usual. The way I gauge how salty a soup is by how much water I need after my meal. The soup is really tasty, which goes especially well with the Assorted Mushrooms I added. Be sure to dip the mushrooms in the ponzu sauce which compliments the taste well.IMG_0112The quality of the meat is not bad, even though I chose the normal Australian Beef instead of the Japanese Wagyu. I like to dip the pork and beef in the sesame sauce instead of the ponzu sauce as it seems to compliment the taste of meat better.IMG_0110Rants Price of the food is definitely above the average Japanese restaurants so be prepared to spend about $50 per person.

Will I return again? The service is sincere as the staff took time to talk us through the menu and recommendations. I like the food and ambience, always a reason to be back with the Palate Card discount.

Reserve your table at Nabehide on now!

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3/5
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3/5
theRantingPanda Paws: 3.5paws

Nabehide – Japanese Hotpot Dining
Level 2, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre
368 Alexandra Road                           
Tel: +65 6479 0368

Daily: 17:30 – 22:30

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2 Comments on Food Review: Nabehide|Japanese Hotpot Dining @ Anchorpoint [Closed]

  1. Been to Ito Kacho, which I believe is similar to Nabehide 🙂 Quite like it! Nabehide is the next place for me to tick against 🙂


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