Food Review: The Lawn Cafe | Meaty salad grub in CBD

The Place I rarely have salads because it is difficult to associate salad with savoury taste as it always feels like a feeble attempt to psychologically think that you are eating healthily. I only come to know about The Lawn Cafe recently, which is more than just about greens as grills is the main draw here.

The Shenton Way banch is not that big, with about 30 seats capacity indoors. But fret not, there is a online ordering system where you can have the salad delivered to your doorstep or your office cubicle for CBD folks! IMG_0714IMG_0689The Food The main draw of The Lawn Cafe is definitely the Grilled Meats, which complements the choice of your salad. Choose from grills such as Char-grilled Prawns with Garlic, Beef or Char-grilled Cajun Chicken. All grills are done on the spot, which I think is really important to give the best taste and flavour to the meat and overall taste of the salad. IMG_0695The order form is really simple and efficient way of ordering your own customised salad.IMG_0677Other than salads, the soup of the day is also worth recommending as I found out that the soup is home made (i.e. made from scratch), which is really comforting to know as it turns me off when I realise a restaurant is serving ready made canned soups to customers.IMG_0680Another speical mention is the choice of dressings, as many as 12 choices, the best part is that all are home made and served nicely in a separate container to the salad. The taste of each dressing is very unique in its flavour and I have not tasted salad dressings in such fashion before. Each dressing is recommended depending on the choice of your grills, but my favourite is the Honeyball which goes well with my beef!IMG_0707The Char Grilled Prawns with Garlic is really aromatic when served, all thanks to the freshly grilled prawns which is very fresh.  IMG_0699The Ben’s Beef Rub is a 100g Sirloin premium cut and the choice of my toppings. I like the tenderness of the beef, which adds some dietary balance to my salad in terms of flavour and taste.  IMG_0703Other than creating your own salad bowl, there is also the option of Olive Rice which comes with side salad and one choice of dressing. IMG_0712The Char-grilled Cajun Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken are great grill choices as well other than the prawns and beef.IMG_0710The Butter seared Pacific Dory is really fresh as well, which is a healthier grilled option from the chicken or beef. I love the texture and the not-too-buttery taste of the dory. In comparison, the Char-grilled Mixed Mushrooms has a more predictable taste and less tantalising than the grilled meats.IMG_0705Rants CBD Lunch Crowd Haters will not find much respite at the Lawn, unfortunately. Waiting time might also be longer than 10 mins if you added a grilled selection to your salad. Be ready for the queue and wait, or get your cravings through the restaurant’s online ordering portal.

Will I return again? Yes, when I am craving for quality salad with that added touch of savoury meats. And how about having this for dinner (skipping the lunch crowd & ending the day on a healthier note)?

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

The Lawn At Shenton
8 Shenton Way
#B1-11, AXA Tower
Tel: +65 6534 8749

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday
10:30am – 09:00pm

The Lawn At Biopolis
31 Biopolis Way
#01-07, Nanos
Tel: +65 6478 9739
Opening Hours
Monday – Friday
11:15am – 09:00pm
10:00am – 04:00pm
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