Snippets: Top Recommendations for Food Delivery in Singapore | FeastBump your favourite gourmet restaurants and cafes

You wouldn’t have thought you can do this. Well, now you can.

Your favourite restaurants and cafes are now serving you right at your doorstep, or your office desk, if that’s where your busy schedule brings you to. All you need is FeastBump (aka “order your food delivery online“)!

We short-list some of our recommendations here, and you may never have to walk yourself to them again – yes, just click-click and tabao (aka “pack-a-meal“) your next meal!


Definitely one of the best lunch options in the China Square vicinity, now you get to enjoy selections of the mains and pasta menu right at your desk. This is perhaps the best fine dining meal you can have, in a packet box that is.
IMG_20150130_141350Order your delivery of &Sons here.


Bread & Hearth
One of the many patisserie and cafes that opened in the Keong Siak area over the years, but one of the rare few that deserves our repeat visits. Bread & Hearth serves some of the best pastries in town, order them for home parties, or for your office next tea time party!
IMG_3843Order your delivery of Bread & Hearth here.


Grain Traders
You read our review of Grain Traders (psst, if you have not, read now!), and probably tried it by now too. Their limited seats during the packed lunch hours will mean a few disappointed diners every day. Make sure you are not one of them.

Order your delivery of Grain Traders here.


Karafuru Desserts
One of the most instagram dessert shop of the year, and probably the most instagram dessert of the year – éclairs. Now you get order their Party Packs of petite éclairs delivered to your doorstep. And well, have fun instagramming them!


Order your delivery of Karafuru Desserts here.


Lady M Confections
I just don’t have time to join the queue. And I couldn’t join a queue of this confectionery that proclaims itself to be for ladies, feeling like I am knocking on the wrong door. Yet, I just cannot resist the temptations of the Mille Crepes. Order the whole cake 3 days in advance here, and you can enjoy the crepes at the comfort of your man’s cave. IMG_1330Order your delivery of Lady M Confections here.


One of the popular new confectionery to open in 2014, they proven that consistency will continue drawing crowds back. Now you can get their favourites online, including their festive selections.


Order your delivery of Pantler here.


Park Bench Deli
Always happy to be back. Despite their fuss-free restaurant layout, their wraps are anything but. These awesome hearty mains will not find its way to my desk.IMG_20150813_134806

Order your delivery of Park Bench Deli here.


It took us all by surprised how could we actually enjoy fine French food at such affordable pricing. Will stick to their classics for my orders, get the all-time favourite Saveur‘s Pasta and their Duck Confit.


Order your delivery of Saveur here.


The Daily Cut
For the health conscious, and the gym rats, Daily Cut now delivers. The bad news is, you cannot clock the 321 steps between our workstation and salad bar now. But you definitely gain the envious glares while enjoying this at your desk.


Order your delivery of The Daily Cut here.


The Lawn
Another salad place, but definitely one that’s good at making salad less boring. Been tossing salad for awhile now, The Lawn was probably amongst the first that brought grilled meats into the greens, making salad more palatable for the less determined folks like me. Only branch in town is at Tanjong Pagar, and we shouldn’t be limiting this wholesome salads to just them!


Order your delivery of The Lawn here.


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Terms & Conditions:

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  • Valid for maximum of 6 readers on a first-come-first-“used” basis or till 8 of Jan 2016, whichever earlier.
  • Minimum order & delivery fee applied according to differing merchants.
  • Minimum order amount is $20 for Pantler and $80 Grain Traders
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