Food Review: La’Coffee Cafe|Atas kaya and toast in Farrer Park [Closed]

The Place Traditional local breakfast and food served in a modern-styled cafe, tucked in the city fridge suburb of Farrer Park estate. This new cafe just opened in August and are already attracting attention of the social trend setters, with many interested to know how traditional local coffee and breakfast can be taken apart and reinvented by La’Coffee. The cafe is designed as a well, industrial decor – what’s new right? But La’Coffee kept it simple and plain – giving diners more space.

IMG_9176tRP recommend you to take the seats by the glass entrance, and watch the traffic go by while you have your meal…..


IMG_9174The Food Toast with eggs and a Coffee (S$8.50). This may seemed like a typical Ya Kun or Toast Box set, but hell no! According to the chief chef, the traditional local breads are specially made for La’Coffee to attain it’s desire toasted crisp and aroma. The eggs are ordered for its specified weigh, in order to prepare it at its best – white, runny & well boiled! And most important of all, the Kopi C we had was to die for! Ok, I am being abit over the top here, but yes, the Kopi C was one of the best local coffee I ever had. The beans are also sourced and blended specifically for La’Coffee. In gist, La’Coffee is a chef’s creation to bring local delights to a new high.


You may already know this, the people behind La’Coffee had more to do with this traditional local breakfast than just their latest creations. Apparently, the folks of the lady behind this new cafe acts as a “consultant” to the Ya Kun chain as well and was involved in developing the franchise across the island. This could be their answer to “How to outdo the mighty in their own game”?!


Rants Now you know it, the striking familiarity on the food here with Ya Kun is obvious. But you do have to pay close to twice the price to enjoy it here at La’Coffee. Is it worth it?

Will I return again? Yes to the coffee ($3.50 each) – it was really good. But I am hesitate to return for the toast set itself, while it may be better, the price seems a bit steep for us.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 
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Overall Experience

La’Coffee Cafe
88 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218374

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