Food Review: Paradise Hotpot at Seng Kang’s Compass One | Paradise’s next Beauty in the Pot?

The Place This is Paradise’s attempt to create yet another paradise – for steamboat, that is. Or as they have called it, hotpot. This revival of steamboat from a traditional comforting meal enjoyed typically at homes has seen many restaurants sprung up over the past years. Popular choices include Hai Di Lao, Beauty in the Pot, Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant, and we have even seen spin-offs such as Steam Box in Serangoon Gardens and even four-tier steamboats like the ones offered in Peach Garden. Check out what are some of our other favourite hotpot restaurants in town!


The Food The key difference between Paradise Hotpot and Beauty in The Pot is the soup base – at Hotpot, you will get to choose from more than 10 different types of soup base, and no, the popular shark’s cartilage soup base that propelled Beauty in The Pot to fame is not one of available options on the menu sadly. The soups here are also served on individual small pots rather than large communal pots for sharing. Paradise does well by not getting every diner to order a soup each, but they will warn you that the heat for the soup will be mild and it might take awhile for the soup to be heated up for large groups to enjoy.


The soup selections here include Tomato with Sweet Corn Soup Base (S$3.50 per pot), Pork Bone Soup Base (S$4 per pot), Chicken and Wild Mushrooms Soup Base (S$9.80 per pot), Korean Kim Chi Soup Base (S$4.50 per pot), Thick Beef Bone Soup Base (S$5 per pot) and of course, their Spicy Szechuan Soup Base (S$4.50 per pot). There are other soup bases on the menu as well, all relatively reasonably priced and more than sufficient to cater to individual’s preferences. And no, the Beauty’s favourite collagen soup is not on the menu here at Paradise Hotpot, let’s sigh loudly together!


With the exception of the soup base, the remaining items on the menu are largely similar to that of Beauty’s. Some highlights which you must order include their Handmade Balls, my favourite being the Soft Bone Pork Meat Balls (S$4 half portion, S$8 full portion), and the Speciality Homemade Paste, which is essentially fish paste. If need be, you can request the service crew to help scoop the fish paste into smaller portions into your soup when served. Go for either the Teochew Style Fish Paste (S$6) or the Ebiko Prawn Paste (S$12)!


Other highlights includes the Assorted Mushrooms Platter (S$18 per platter), and my all-time favourite Fried Beancurd Skin (S$4.50 half portion, S$9 full portion) – please just order the full portion, how could anything less suffice. For meats, these are served in slices, and caters for 2-3 pax for the half portions and 4 pax for the full portions.

Rants The service here was lacking during our visit, from slow service to very poor management at the front desk, with us waiting 15 minutes after our reserved time despite being their 20 minutes ahead of  our scheduled time – not acceptable.

Will I Return Again? For the love of steamboat, yes. Paradise Hotpot also serves up fresh ingredients and with the same wide selections we have previously enjoyed at Beauty. With Beauty’s average reservation queue at a good 1-2 months wait list, Paradise Hotpot is amongst my best alternative. Psst, Beauty has recently opened its second outlet at The Centerpoint mall! 

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3/5
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 3/5

Paradise Hotpot
1 Sengkang Square
#03-05 Compass One
Singapore 545078
Tel: 6386 4838

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 11.15am to 10.00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 10.30am to 10.00pm

Ranted by The Rantee

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