Food Review: Ginza Rokukakutei Restaurant (六覺燈) at City Hall | Japan’s One Michelin Star Restaurant opens in Singapore

The Place Originally from Osaka, this Japan’s one Michelin Star establishment set up its first overseas outpost in Singapore with the exact same menu that won them the accolades. Well located at the City Hall / Bugis area, Ginza Rokukakutei Singapore is located at Odeon Towers (same building as Kyoto based Kurasu Coffee) and done up with two cosy rows of counter seats. If your preference is to dine in private, there are a couple of tables available too.

The chef at the restaurant helms from its original branch with 15 years of experience, and will permanently be based at the Singapore’s branch. You can be assured of the food quality here, and as observed during our dinner, the same refined Japanese standard of service as well. As mentioned, the restaurant hail from Osaka originally, and they have another branch in Ginza Tokyo too.

The Food Rokukakutei specialise in deep-fried skewers, also know as kushikatsu. At S$134++ , the chef will prepare up to 20 sticks of Omakase Skewers, with diners able to halt the service anytime during the meal should one be sufficiently filled – of course, the price will be calibrated accordingly. If you are looking for wine pairing, a unique addition to the branch in Singapore, it will set you back at S$288++ per pax and you will get to sip on glasses of white and red wines and 15 skewers.

Majority of the ingredients here are imported from Japan, 80% to be exact if you are a numbers person. Items served daily are based on availability of ingredients and constant changes can be expected as with the seasons. Some of our favourite skewers include the Wagyu Beef skewer, Green Pea Skewer, the Japanese Pumpkin skewer and the Kagoshima Pork Loin.

All the skewers are lightly battered and prepared ala minute, with good intervals in between. The chef will check on each diner regularly and each skewer gets a short brief introduction when served. The four dips served include Lemon with a drop of mustard, Shoyu, Sesame with Wasabi and Red Wine sauce, as well as Japanese Salt and Pepper. The skewer will be placed with the stick ends pointing towards the recommended dip, and you should follow it conscientiously for the best flavour. My favourite dip is the Shoyu and Red Wine sauce though.

Starting with a Japanese Salad and pickles, this clear your taste bud and prepares your palate for the upcoming 20 skewers. First up was the Japanese Tiger Prawn, and my, being the first of the skewers, we were impressed. Fresh ingredient, good crunch on the crust and surprisingly not unduly oily.

Next we had the Japanese Wagyu Beef from Kagoshima, the Japanese Scallop, one of my favourite – Green Pea and Chicken Breast with Japanese Mountain Caviar. It seems to be a random order, where the chef mix meats, seafood and vegetables interchangeably to give diners a good variation throughout the meal.

And if you get to enjoy the Japanese Kagoshima Pork Loin here, you are in luck as this is my favourite of all the skewers. Done with onion in the middle, the meat jus burst as I took a bite; very tender meats, a perfect skewer. This was followed by Octopus, Salmon with topped Ikura and Chrysanthemum, Lotus Root with minced beef and the Chicken Wing with stuffed minced meat and vegetables.

To ensure diners do not get excessively cloyed, the restaurant serves up a bread basket when you reach the mid-point of the omakase meal. The breads are served with a luscious homemade Smoky Butter, prepared with mascarpone cheese and full cream.

Following which, we went on to complete the meal with the remaining skewers including the Fish with Plum Sauce, Grilled Pork and Green Beans, Ichi Clam, Seabass with salad, Chicken wrapped with konnyaku, Japanese Tofu, Pumpkin with chicken soft bone, Japanese Sakura Shrimp with Rice and lastly, the Cheese – a mixture of cheese cheddar, mozzarella and gouda.

Rants Definitely a place to visit once, but I am not sure a repeat visit of deep-fried skewers will be as enticing as our first visit.

Will I Return Again? As with the rants, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here and would encourage folks with the same liking of the Japanese culture to make a trip to Ginza Rokukakutei. Very good food and service, a definite worthwhile experience. Although for a return visit, there has to be something more.

This was an invited tasting, though all opinions expressed are our own.

Make your reservation instantly at Ginza Rokukakutei Singapore here.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

Ginza Rokukakutei Singapore
331 North Bridge Road
#01-04, Odeon Towers
Singapore 188720
Tel: +65 6266 1077

Opening Hours
Daily 4pm to 11pm

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