Food Review: YOSHI Restaurant at Forum The Shopping Mall | Themed Maguro, Wagyu & Uni Dinner Menu – take your pick

The Place Formerly known as Kaiseki Yoshiyuki, YOSHI restaurant is the rebranded Japanese dining concept located right next to bespoke bar Horse’s Mouth. The first visible change I noticed is the entrance at basement one of Forum The Mall, with a much brighter walkway and a more welcoming vibe. The interior of YOSHI is the same as the previous Kaiseki Yoshiyuki, where every diner still gets that intimate interaction with the chefs over the counter.

The Food With the rebrand, the main change is no doubt the menu, though the ingredients are still high quality and largely imported from Tsukiji Market like before.

The approach for dinner menu is now a three themed option, where you get to choose from the 8-course Maguro (S$158++), Wagyu Beef (S$178++) or Uni (S$188++) menu. It’s not that extreme in terms of the combination so you will still get a good balance throughout the 8-course regardless of which one you pick. For example, Uni Chawanmushi is present in all three menus but the portion is the most for the Uni menu specifically. You get the drift. If you fancy a more elaborate experience, there’s the Yoshi’s Omakase (S$328++ for at least 9-courses).

I went for the Uni menu while my dining partner chose the Wagyu Beef menu. We started with the Seasonal Starter with Uni, a pretty generous portion of Hokkaido Bafun Uni here which is a luscious awakening.

Next up is the 3 Types of Seasonal Appetiser – a trio combination of Mackerel sandwiched with chrysanthemum, Eggplant with Kyoto Miso and Octopus with daikon.

The third course is the Japanese Soup, a clear Dashi broth with slices of fish to clear the palate for the next course.

This is one of my favourite courses in most kaiseki, the Sashimi and Uni Moriawase for the Uni Menu whereas the Wagyu Beef menu has beef in place of the Uni. From the Nagasaki Chu-Toro to the Uni, every slice is very fresh.

The fifth course is the Uni Chawanmushi, where my Uni set has more copious portion than the Beef menu. The Uni is rich and creamy in flavour, though the chawanmushi pales in comparison in terms of flavour.

The sixth course is the Grilled Fish, which is quite light in flavour and the least surprise factor for me.

For the beef menu, this course comes in the form of sliced raw beef on a hot pot which is well-marbled and rich in flavour.

The last savoury dish is the Uni Chirashi Don, a mini bowl of the typical sashimi cubes topped with Uni. It might be because I already had a taste of the Uni in the previous dishes so this dish didn’t come out as a big surprise for me either.

For the beef menu, you get a Wagyu Beef Don with Onsen Egg instead.

The last part of the course is dessert and it is some Japanese sweets, melon and an intense Matcha drink prepared from whisking. It can’t go wrong with the fresh melon for me, and the matcha drink may be too intense for me post dinner. Moments where I wish I’m more tolerant of caffeine at night!

Rants I feel that the different themed menu should do with more with each of its key component, so that it comes across as a more memorable dining experience.

Will I Return Again? The new price points of Yoshi is welcoming as the dinner courses are mainly priced below S$200++ per person as compared to its previous concept. If you appreciate a traditional Japanese kaiseki experience, the restaurant is worth a try though I feel that it can also afford to be more adventurous in its themed menu, such as including a Uni flight with different types of Uni in one of the courses for the Uni menu. Regardless, this is a place to impress your date or celebrate your anniversary.

This was an invited tasting, though all opinions expressed are our own.

Make your reservations instantly at Yoshi here.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Yoshi Restaurant
583 Orchard Road
#B1-39 to 47
Singapore 238884
Tel: +65 8188 0900

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 12to 1.30pm; 7 to 9:30pm
Closed Sunday

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