Snippets: Best Korean Restaurants In Singapore To Satisfy Your K-Drama Cravings | Other Than Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant

Singapore – For the love of Korean food, that craving that kicks in after watching a K-Drama is real and I am glad that there are no lack of good Korean restaurants in Singapore. In Covid-19 times like this, it is also a bonus that some of these Korean restaurants also do food delivery and takeaway service, and you can enjoy the dishes in the comfort of your home.


Wang Dae Bak Pocha
Wang Dae Bak Pocha is managed by the Wang Dae Bak Group, except that the concept at Pocha takes on a retro Korean street food vibes inspired by the 70’s and 80’s. The other main difference between Pocha and the other Wang Dae Bak outlets is that Pocha uses Traditional Korean Iron Grill BBQ, as opposed to charcoal BBQ used in other outlets. The menu is extensive and offers ala carte or set options, where the beef meats are well-marinated and tender. Side dishes like Seafood Tofu Soup and Steamed Egg are on point too.

Delivery service on Food Panda and Deliveroo platforms.

Address: 93 Amoy Street, Singapore 069913


Hanwoori Korean Restaurant
If you are familiar with Serangoon Garden, Hanwoori Korean Restaurant is one Korean restaurant not to be missed. Opened since 2011, the restaurant is run by a Korean boss and served authentic Korean fares like Budae Jengol (army hotpot), Kimchi jjigae (kimch stew) and barbecued meat (BBQ). Every main course comes with 10 complimentary banchan (side dishes) that are refillable with no additional charge. Don’t leave without trying the Sundubu and Ttukbaegi Bulgogi.

Island-wide delivery by the restaurant, delivery fees apply different based on region.

Address: 76 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555972


Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ
With the first outlet in Plaza Singapura (Jem being the other outlet), Seorae is a brand from Korea and specialises in Korean barbecue. One main highlight which Seorae prides itself is its signature Korean galmaegisal, which is also known as pork skirt meat, supposedly the first restaurant in Singapore to serve this unique part of the pig. [Read more here…]  

Delivery service on Food Panda and Deliveroo platforms.

Address: Plaza Singapura, #02-01, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839


SBCD Korean Tofu House
SBCD Korean Tofu House specialises in well, Korean beancurd stews. The “soontofu” is the main highlight, whereby “soon” means soft literally. The tofu here is handmade daily, and comes with four levels of spiciness for the broth – mild, medium, spicy and crazy hot. Unlike most other Korean restaurants, the side dishes includes a whole fried croaker fish in addition to the usual kimchi, seaweed, pickled green chilies and spicy squid strips. [Read more here…]

Delivery service on Food Panda and Oddle platforms.

Address: 7 Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar Centre #B1-01/02, Singapore 078884


Not a traditional Korean restaurant per se, Kimme by Chef Sun Kim is a more refined take on Korean cuisine, where some of the dishes are largely Korean inspired. The menu is split into big plates and small plates, with dishes like Fried Cauliflower with Korean Sweet Chilli, Wagyu Tartare Bibimbap and Butter Kimchi Fried Rice. [Read more here…]

Address: 47 Amoy Street, Singapore 069873


Doong Ji Korean Restaurant
You know a restaurant is not that bad if it can survive for many years in along East Coast Road. Doong Ji Korean Restaurant is one nondescript restaurant with a no-frills setting, serving a wide mix of Korean dishes. Don’t leave without trying the Ginseng Chicken Soup and Seafood Pancake! [Read more here…]

Address: 222 East Coast Road Singapore 428919


Three Meals A Day
With the same name as a popular Korean reality TV show, this affordable Korean restaurant in Bukit Timah serves hearty fare in a modern and casual setting. Located near Beauty World MRT station, don’t leave without having the Cheesy Chicken Bulgogi and Sundubu Jjigae.

Delivery by the restaurant, contact for more details.

Address: 12 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599599


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