Food Review: Blue Label Pizza & Wine At Ann Siang Road
 | One Of The Best Pizzas In Singapore

The Place With two outlets in Singapore, Blue Label Pizza & Wine has been on my pizza list for years and I finally had the chance to visit it recently. I checked out the Ann Siang Road outlet, a semi-basement concept denominated by dim lighting even in the day. The space of the restaurant is not huge, and it actually managed to squeeze in a bar. Reservation is a must, as you can imagine the waiting time during peak hours given the small seating capacity.

The Food Pizzas aside, the concise menu is made up of some appetisers and a small desert selection. For a start, I had the Blue Label Chicken Wings available in two sizes (S$14/S$28). The buffalo wings are lovely, and it comes with blue cheese ranch. The taste is not that spicy, and the blue cheese ranch is great as it cuts the spiciness of the wings well.

Feeling greedy, I also ordered the Blue Label State Fair Fries (S$25). The hand-cut idaho potatoes is served with black pepper gravy, fried egg, aioli and topped with shaved truffle. Let’s just say that it sounds better than it tastes, I will skip this for another serving of the chicken wings next time.

On to the main highlight at Blue Label, there are more than ten pizza flavours to choose from, and I’m sure you will be hard-pressed to decide which flavour to go for. The stone-fired pizzas here are made using a long-ferment dough. Being my first visit, The Original Famous (S$28) screams at me. The ingredients here include five cheese blend, tomato and fresh basil. I actually find the texture of the pizza just right, neither too thin or thick which can potentially make it difficult to eat. This flavour works for me, though the cheese flavour could be stepped up further.

The other pizza I had was the Black Magic (S$38). The ingredients here include green asparagus, black truffle cream, jamón ibérico and manchego. My table was torn between The Original Famous or Black Magic, and I lean towards the Black Magic more. The truffle cream and jamón ibérico combination is hard to beat, which gives this pizza a strong flavour and it is delicious.

Rant Very limited options for starters, which just means you can order more varieties of pizzas to stomach if carbs is not in your dictionary.

Will I Return Again? I am keen to try the other pizza flavours and Blue Label is one restaurant I wouldn’t mind returning; for the love of carbs.

Where is your favourite pizza in Singapore? Drop us a comment!

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Blue Label Pizza & Wine
28 Ann Siang Road
Basement 1
Singapore 069708
Tel: +65 9821 9362

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: 12pm to 11pm

Ranted by The Ranter

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 | One Of The Best Pizzas In Singapore

  1. Those pictures make me wish I was there right now.


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