Food Review: Ah Xiao Teochew Duck Rice At Golden Mile Food Centre | Second Generation Hawker Keeping Traditions Alive!

The Place Located at Golden Mile Food Centre along Beach Road, or what’s famously known as Army Market as well due to the concentration of stalls at the market selling army related accessories, you will find Ah Xiao Teochew Duck Rice at the basement. Operating just during the lunch hours, do expect to join a queue to get your hands on their duck rice. Just make sure not to arrive too late as Ah Xiao frequently sells out even before its closing.

The man behind Ah Xiao is a second generation hawker, Rui Hai, whom has managed to perfecting the art of braising a good plate of traditional Teochew braised duck from his retired parents. In his safe hands, the stall has been getting much attention in recent months, especially with enticing photos of their braised duck trending on social media.

The Food During the onset of Phase 2 Heightened Alert in Singapore, I reached out to Ah Xiao to make a delivery order as they were offering islandwide delivery, unfortunately the dates for my estate were not ideal. Alas, I decided to make a trip down to Golden Mile Food Centre because I was craving for braised duck for lunch over the weekends! And yes, if you do follow us on our Instagram, you will know how in love I am with braised duck!

Since I have not made any pre-orders, decided to arrive early before the usual lunch hours to make sure I get my orders in before they sells out. Luckily for me, I managed to order a packet of the Braised Duck Rice (S$6.50 with Duck Drumstick and Braised Egg) for lunch, and a takeaway order for Half-Portioned Duck (S$19) for my family dinner in the evening!

Due to dining restrictions during this period, I had to drive home before I get to enjoy my lunch. Perhaps I was eagerly anticipating my meal, the Braised Duck Rice was delish! Teochew style duck rice means you will get the more watery zup, and I usually love my rice drenched with the braising sauce – yes, drenched! The sauce at Ah Xiao is not as oily and salty, allowing me to enjoy the rice without feeling too jelat.

At the advice of Rui Hai, if we are looking to takeaway the braised duck and have it later in the day for dinner, do store the duck in the refrigerator as quickly as possible once you get home. Keep the braising sauce at room temperature. Before eating, drizzle some of the braising sauce on the sliced duck and put it to steam for a good 5 to 10 minutes. This will ensure the braised duck is well-seasoned and tender for enjoyment!

The braised duck at Ah Xiao comes with a side of 2 dipping sauce as well, the usual blended chilli sauce, and a second sauce made with vinegar and complete with diced garlic and chillies.

Rants The short operating hours means you better be prepared for queues during lunch hours.

Will I Return Again? For my love of Braised Duck, I will be back. And hopefully I will be able to enjoy Ah Xiao while dining out at the hawker centre instead of having to do a takeaway.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 2.5/5
Ambience: N/A
Overall Experience: 4/5

Ah Xiao Teochew Duck Rice
505 Beach Road, #B1-43
Golden Mile Food Centre
Singapore 199583
Tel: +65 9109 8026

Opening Hours
Opens Daily except for Monday and Thursday
10am to 2pm

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