Food Review: Du Du Hao Coffee House (嘟嘟好咖啡屋) At Marine Parade Central Food Centre | Cheap And Delicious Kaya Toast Set At S$3!

The Place Located in Blk 84 Marine Parade Central Food Centre, Du Du Hao Coffee House (嘟嘟好咖啡屋) is my go-to coffee in the hood ever since I discovered it not too long ago. The stall is located in what I would say an inconspicuous corner of the food centre. There are a couple of coffee stalls here, and it is unlikely for first timers to notice Du Du Hao Coffee House. 

The Food At S$3, the Kaya Toast set is the most value for money item here. I have ordered this set a couple of times, and the standard has been quite consistent. 

I like how crispy the kaya toast is. The kaya flavour is aromatic, and along with the sliced butter, it is almost as good as Yakun, at almost half the price. 

The eggs come served in an old-school fashion where it is in a big mug where you let it sit for 3-4 minutes before breaking it. 

For the coffee, my usual Kopi O order is intense and aromatic. I noticed that the coffee beans are also freshly grounded on the spot, where I spotted the coffee grinding machine. One of the better coffee stalls in Marine Parade Food Centre for sure. 

Rants None. Perhaps a note that its official opening hours on Google may not be very accurate. A safe bet is to head here after 7am and before 5pm.  
Will I Return Again? For its kaya toast set, yes. So much value for S$3. 

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 2/5
Ambience: N/A
Overall Experience: 4/5

Du Du Hao Coffee House (嘟嘟好咖啡屋)  
Blk 84 Marine Parade Central 
Singapore 440084 

Opening Hours 
Monday to Sunday: 5:30am to 7:30pm 
Ranted by The Ranter 

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