Food Review: Miyoshi By Fat Cow At Mess Hall, Sentosa | Contemporary ‘Three Graces’ Dining Concept Encompassing Ramen, Teppanyaki And Omakase

The Place An exciting new concept in Sentosa by Fat Cow, Miyoshi in Miyoshi By Fat Cow means 三好 in kanji, literally meaning ‘three graces’, which showcases three types of Japanese dining experiences – Ramen, Teppanyaki and Omakase. The Japanese restaurant is located in a beautiful colonial style conservation building in Sentosa at the Mess Hall section beside The Outpost Hotel Sentosa.

With the three types of Japanese dining experiences, there are three different dining sections. The main dining hall decked in mainly Japanese-style wooden furnishing is where diners enjoy the ala carte menu and ramen bowls.

There is a separate zone where diners enjoy the teppanyaki aspect of Miyoshi, and a wood-and-steel teppan 12-seater counter if you are going for the Teppan-Kaiseki menu.

The omakase section is located in a separate dining area adjacent to the main dining room.

The Food The Head Chef of Fat Cow, Shingo Iijima, and Sous Chef of Miyoshi, Nigel Loh, collectively present a menu that combines Fat Cow’s approach of using premium produce and traditional techniques with a deliciously modern spirit. 

Ala carte menu aside, I tried the Dinner Teppan-Kaiseki menu during my visit. The highlight of the TeppanKaiseki Lunch Menu (S$98++) is live lobster, while the Dinner Teppan-Kaiseki (S$280++ and additional S$78++ for a 4-glass sake pairing) is an exquisite 11-course experience. Set lunches (from S$32++ to S$168++) are also available from Wednesday to Sunday which is mostly curated from the a-la-carte, served with selected sides including braised burdock, chawanmushi, miso soup and dessert.

Here is what to expect for the Teppan-Kaiseki Dinner Menu I had: 

My meal started with a trio of appetisers – Umami Dashi Marinated Garlic Chives with Dried Bonito; Steamed Egg Custard with White Truffle Sauce served with Minced Wagyu Ankake Sauce; and Wagyu Kinome Yaki. 

Fresh Spring Rolls and Wagyu Tartare 
Next up is a duo of Amaebi, Sesame Cream Cheese, Kaiware wrapped in Thin Rice Paper; and Wagyu Tartare. The former is Vietnamese inspired as it resembles a spring roll, where I enjoyed the beef tartare cured in a mix of kombu and Korean gochujang more. 

Wagyu Sawani-wan 
I love dashi, and this course showcases Bonito Soup with ‘Burnt’ Minced Wagyu, Thinly-sliced Miyazaki A4 Wagyu and Shredded Vegetables. The dashi broth here includes beef fat too, so it is more flavourful than the usual. I also like that there are bits of beef being showcased in the kaiseki meal thus far. 

Straw Smoked Hokkaido Scallops 
One of the highlights of the Teppan-Kaiseki, you get a nice plump size of this sashimi-grade Teppan-grilled Straw Smoked Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi. The scallop spots a nice firm texture with a tinge of smokiness to it, topped with Russian caviar. 

Uni Soba 
A break from the hot dishes is this Sea Urchin with Soba, Oba Leaf, Nikumiso and Soba Sauce. I love the fresh Bafun Uni along with bits of crisp fried burdock chips. 

Yuzu Butter Madai 
There are quite a couple of seafood dishes on the Teppan-Kaiseki meal and this course is the Teppanyaki Sea Bream with Yuzu Kyoto Miso Sauce and seasonal vegetables. The fish goes well with the light yuzu sauce along with the grilled Maitake mushroom and shishito pepper.  

Steamed Abalone With Kelp 
Another seafood course on the menu, the Korean abalone here is covered in konbu and blanketed with sea salt, then steam-baked on the teppan.

It is finished with saikyo miso sauce made with saikyo miso (sweet white miso), konbu, sake and mirin. Served with green asparagus grilled on the teppan.  

Teppan Style Sukiyaki 
I love sukiyaki, so this course is naturally one of my favourite ones. The beef used here is a breed familiar to me – Hida beef (especially so after my Takayama trip this year) – where the Hida ribeye is marinated with sukiyaki sauce made with mirin, sake, and shoyu, then grilled on teppan.

The beef is then topped with shaved black truffle and served with raw Japanese egg yolk mixed with sukiyaki sauce. Delicious.  

Wagyu Tenderloin A4 
The last beef course of the meal is this Satsuma A4 tenderloin seasoned with salt and black pepper, then grilled on teppan.

The beef is not too fatty so you get a nice beefy flavour, served along with yuzu kosho, kizami wasabi (shoyu-marinated wasabi), garlic chips and seasonal vegetables. 

Signature Garlic Rice 
The last savoury course features freshly cooked Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi Japanese rice which is stir-fried on the teppan with vegetable oil, butter, garlic, salt and black pepper.

It is quite a big portion, though I managed to finish it all even though I was already quite filled. The rice is served with miso soup and Japanese pickles.  

Black Sesame Tofu 
For dessert, I had the Black sesame tofu made with black sesame paste, tapioca powder and water, served with seasonal fruits and yuzu ice cream. It is quite a big portion for dessert where I am easily satisfied just from the fruits. 

Rants Not the most convenient spot to get to without a car.

Will I Return Again? Miyoshi By Fat Cow is definitely a destination dining and the colonial setting and its location makes it quite the ideal spot for a celebratory occasion, be it for couples or groups. I like that other than the fine-dining aspects like the Omakase or Teppan-Kaiseki, there is also the relatively casual option of an ala carte menu in the beautiful space. 

This was an invited tasting, though all opinions expressed are our own.

Make your reservations instantly at Miyoshi By Fat Cow here.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 
Overall Experience: 

Miyoshi By Fat Cow 
2 Gunner Lane
#01-04/05/06, Mess Hall at Sentosa
Singapore 099567 
Tel: +65 6019 0089

Opening Hours
Wednesday to Friday: 12pm to 3pm  
Saturday & Sunday: 11:30am to 3pm  

Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday: 6pm to 10pm 
Friday & Saturday: 6pm to 10:30pm 

Teppan-kaiseki Experiences 
Lunch seating at 12.15pm 
Dinner seating at 6.45pm 

Sushi Omakase Experience 
Dinner seating only at 6.45pm 

Closed on Monday & Tuesday

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