Food Review: Moritaya Restaurant In Marunouchi Tokyo | Contemporary Sukiyaki Dining In Japan With A View Of Imperial Palace 

The Place A meal in Tokyo is not complete without a Sukiyaki meal for me and I checked out Moritaya sukiyaki restaurant in Marunouchi in my recent Spring trip. The restaurant is located on level 35 of Marunouchi Building, so you get a pretty good view of the city including the Imperial Palace. Try to request window seats for sure! 

The interior of Moritaya Tokyo is very modern unlike the traditional setting I have been previously such as Ishibashi and Chinya. That said, this is an established brand well-known for sukiyaki as it was established as the first butcher in Kyoto in 1869. You can also find it in Kyoto and Osaka. 

The Food You can also opt for shabu shabu, yaki-shabu or oil-yaki styles here though I highly recommend going for sukiyaki which is what Moritaya is well-known for. I visited for lunch, and after deciding on sukiyaki style, you then choose between Take (6,600 yen), Matsu (7,700 yen) or Tokusen (9,350 yen). Basically, Take offers lean Wagyu meat, Matsu is a mix of lean and well-marbled meat while the highest end Tokusen offers the most premium marbled meats. 

I went for Matsu, as I feel that the meal does get too rich for me if all the meats are highly marbled and fatty. 

My meal started with some appetisers which include a delicious slice of beef sashimi and assorted vegetables. 

Expect a Kansai-style sukiyaki here, where the waitress first oil the cast iron pan with cubes of beef fat before adding the sweet Warishita soy sauce and sugar. The first slice of beef is then grilled on the pan, before it is served to be dipped in the raw egg. This set comes with about 130g of beef per person. 

I love how flavourful the meat is, and the secret ingredient is definitely that Warishita soy sauce and probably the pinch of sugar added which added a nice sweetness to the beef. 

Rice and pickles are also served and do have the rice with some of that soy sauce as well. 

The best batch of beef is then added along with the assorted vegetables like beancurd and leeks, along with sugar and Warishita soy sauce. This allows the vegetables to fully soak the essence of the beef flavours and sauce, which make it extremely tasty. 

Even though the more marbled beef is definitely more flavourful than the less marbled ones in my Matsu set, I appreciate the variation in fattiness and every slice is delicious for me regardless. 

Dessert is a simple plate of seasonal fruits which is really what I always look forward to. In fact, I prefer fruits over options like gelato. The strawberries and oranges in Japan are so good! 

Rants Nothing to shout about on the interior decor of the restaurant, except that you get a good city view by the window.

Will I Return Again? A sukiyaki meal in Singapore is ridiculously expensive and Moritaya is definitely a convenient and centrally located option in Tokyo if you love a good sukiyaki meal. Good service and reasonable prices, this is one restaurant I will return to again. 

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Japan, 〒100-0005 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Marunouchi, 2 Chome−4−1 丸の内ビルディング 
Tel: +81 3-5220-0029 

Opening Hours 
Monday to Sunday: 11am to 3pm; 5pm to 11pm 

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