Food Review: Luk Yu Teahouse

The Place I was initially very excited when I saw that Luk Yu Teahouse is going to open at the newly revamped Chinatown Point, thinking that it hails from the famous Stanley Street in Hong Kong. After some clarification with the restaurant, I realised this is not to be confused with the Hong Kong outlet of the same name as there is no affiliation. Despite so, I am still keen to give this new Chinese restaurant a try.

The restaurant is surprisingly quite big as it seems otherwise from the entrance. Given that it has opened for barely a month, I was surprised by the crowd on the first weekend of its opening where I was there as well.

The Food In terms of its Dim Sum menu which I managed to try on a Sunday morning, it is pretty much the usual Siew Mai and Har Gow affair. I guess one good thing about the menu is that you can customize the quantity for some of their Dim Sum items, which is ideal for 2 diners if you want to try a wider variety.

Siew Mai ($1.80 each) – The shrimp is fresh and I thought that it is not stingy on its ingredients.
IMG_8504Abalone Glutinious Rice ($5.50) – I like the not-so-greasy of the glutinious rice here, even though I had a hard time trying to spot the abalone.
IMG_8498BBQ Pork Bun ($1.50 each)I like the fluffiness of the skin as well as the tenderness of the pork. 
IMG_8514BBQ Pork Pastry
($3.50) – This is my favourite here, as the crust of the pork pastry is extremely crispy and it melts in the mouth.
IMG_8494Fried Shrimp Dumpling ($3.50)
IMG_8510Rants While I have to agree the quality of the Dim Sum at Luk Yu is above average, it seems that the food items aren’t exquisite enough to stand out from other Chinese restaurants, such as Wan Hao.

Will I return again? At the end of my meal, I do not feel enticed to return any time soon. Maybe my palate is getting too fussy these days. There are simply too many new dim sum joints springing up this year, such as the much hyped Tim Ho Wan.

TheRantingPanda says:

Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

Luk Yu Teahouse
Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, #01-41/42
Tel: +65 6262 1717


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7 Comments on Food Review: Luk Yu Teahouse

  1. Yeah, initially I tot it’s the same Luk Yu. Keen to give it a try though.


  2. Anonymous // August 9, 2013 at 15:31 // Reply

    We spent $96 for 3 adults and i only enjoy the abalone glutinous rice the rest of the dim sum taste horrible, bbq pork bun is so dry, garlic xiao long bao has very little juice n the garlic makes it taste weird, spicy dumpling is a failure, chicken feet is not soft…..sigh…overall very dissapointed!


  3. Utterly disappointed with the service they produced. The supervisor did not even respect the customers. The service is so bad. I would just give a 1/5 for its rating. I shall not recommend it.


    • I agreed. The service sucks big time especially the supervisor. Their dim sum menu is also different now. They don’t have BBQ pork pastry and some other stuff mentioned here. The menu variety is limited and quality just normal. Will not go back again.


      • Hey David, sad to hear that you encountered bad service. It was still okay that time I was there. Agree that the dim sum is average standard. Paradise dim sum is probably much better!


  4. Luk Yu restaurant @ Chinatown Point 
    Esther (manager)
    Lim Yok Sia (assistant manager)
    Daniel Lee (part time waiter)

    Dear Manager 

    RE: Good Service of Mr Daniel Lee (part time waiter)

    Me and my family have patronized Luk Yu Restaurant many rounds for its’ delicious food. 

    But our trip on 30/8/2014 to Luk Yu restaurant at Chinatown point was an exceptional pleasant one with Mr Daniel Lee serving us dinner that night. He is very attentive to details and our needs, polite, gracious and efficiently effective in discharging his duties. In fact, his prompt yet understanding service was like a “meaningful and memorable” gift from God for one of our family member’s birthday celebration. 

    In fact, in comparison to many “high-class” restaurants and “five-star” hotels that I have been to, I have yet met any waiter like Daniel Lee. In my opinion, he deserves “first-class” or “world-class” service award. I believe you would agree with me that every successful business owes its success to its employees. I believe you would agree the value of boosting the morale of your staff as members of an organizations are invaluable asset to her. As such, I like to recommend Luk Yu to recognize and reward this staff accordingly. 

    Thank you Luk Yu for providing not just good food but good service! Hope you will continue to keep up the good spirit. 


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