Food Review: Bobby’s Restaurant And Bar At Chijmes

The Place Tucked in the basement of Chijmes, Bobby’s serves an all-American menu, with the place being a hit with many sports lovers as well due to their big outdoor screens for live screening of major sports events. The indoor setting of the restaurant while is a tad boring, provides for the typical look and feel of an American-themed restaurant.


The Food Let’s just say, it is American food. It would not blow your mind, unless you are craving for steaks badly. And even so, tRP thinks there are better restaurants out their in town serving steaks and fries worthy of the not-so-affordable price tag. Again, tRP visited this place as it was one of the restaurants under the Palate card, with us enjoying an awesome 50% discount for two diners.

The Potato Skin ($16.95) was really decent. Bobby’s does this dish rather well, what most restaurant failed in trying to replicate. The cheese, bacon flakes and the deep fried skin was really crunchy and savoury.


tRP tried both the Prime Rib Steak ($37.95) and the Ribeye Steak ($34.95) at Bobby’s. Truly disappointing to say the least. Acknowledging that it is not a steak-specialty restaurant, both the mains were slightly overpriced for the quality served. The food picture should well capture the rather bland look of the Prime Rib.


Rants Again, one of those restaurants facing a short of service staff problem. Especially with the huge space their staff has to cover. Also, it is really better suited as a live sports screening hangout than a restaurant with good food. That said, tRP has yet to try its ‘Sinfully Tempting Ribs’ which was suppose to be its signature main, but with the disappointing first visit, we ain’t sure if we are going to head back – ever again.


Will I return again? No. Just another restaurant, with nothing that stands out. For Steaks, there are definitely better options out there, including RoastL’entrecote and Balzac Brasserie to name a few that tRP has reviewed on previously.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 2.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Bobby’s @ Chijmes
#B1-03 30 Victoria St S(187996)
Tel: +65 6337 5477

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