Food Review: Takumi Kacyo | Japanese dining at Keppel Island

The Place Keppel Island is probably one of the most unique dining location in Singapore, with splendid views over Sentosa and a unique marina setting. We are always on the lookout for new establishments and were really all hyped up to visit the relatively new Takumi Kacyo at Keppel Bay, a dining collaboration between Takumi and Kacyo restaurant, which hails from Japan.
IMG_2640We were first drawn to the wooden and classy look of Takumi Kacyo at its entrance, while its interior is nothing short of style and look, the extremely Japanese zen ambience which is so lacking in most Japanese restaurants in Singapore. The setting of Takumi Kacyo is intimately cosy, with private rooms, spacious and comfortable dining chairs as well as counter seats at the Teppanyaki station which allows more interaction with the chef directly, not forgetting the dreamy marina view of Keppel Bay.
IMG_2585eThe Food The concept of Takumi Kacyo is essentially combining the best Japanese cuisine in one stop, with three stations that offer Sushi, Robatayaki and Teppanyaki, Ingredients are all imported from Japanese to offer the most authentic Japanese dining experience, such as seafood from Tsukiji Market. As such, there is a wide variety of Japanese cuisine from the combined menu of Takumi and Kacyo, from Takumi’s Sushi to Robatayaki to Kacyo’s famous Teppanyaki station.

For this Christmas season, Takumi Kacyo will be launching its 7 course Christmas menu,  available on available 24th December to 25th December 2014 at $180++ per person. The sumptuous meal will start with the Seafood Carpaccio with Wasabi Dressing, followed by appetisers such as Teppan Vegetable Salad with Sesame Sauce and a hearty Edamame Potage Soup. The Charcoal Grilled Sea Bream with Basil Siokouji Sauce is the fourth course on the menu which is swiftly followed by a homemade Sorbet to cleanse the palette for the main course – Teppan Rossini Style Steak (Beef & Foie Gras) with Plum Wine Sauce. Rounding out the menu is a Christmas Special Dessert. Diners are also treated to a complimentary glass of sparkling wine.

For us, we started off with the Assorted Appetizers ($20) with three mini plates comprising of Braised Octopus, Yamato Yam Pudding and Marinated Spotted Shad Fish with Vinegar.


The Takumi’s style Caesar Salad ($14) is different from the usual salad as it comes with Aburi Salmon Sashimi, which is one of my favourite salmon style. The rich colours of display was a visual treat even before we tucked in, and I simply love any salad with salmon. Pair it with the yogurt dressing which comes along the dish, can anything get healthier than this?
IMG_2593For some fresh fish, we tried the Kinki ($18 ), a charcoal grilled Rockfish which thrives off coast of Japan. This is my first time trying the Kinki fish, which I like it for its crispy skin as well as its fresh tasty meat.
IMG_2605The highlight of our meal has got to be the Premium A5 Wagyu Tenderloin ($120), which hails from Miyazaki. We were told that Takumi Kacyo is currently the only restaurant in Singapore which serves Miyazaki beef, which is one of my favourite wagyu beef after trying it in Kyushu previously. For me, it is always amazing to have Miyazaki beef, which so tender that it literally melts in the mouth. Highly recommended to have it done medium-rare.
IMG_2618The Japanese Garlic Fried Rice with special Dashi Soup ($12) is one of our favourites as well, with the aromatic garlic fried rice cooked to the right degree. My soft spot is also the Dashi Soup, which has a tinge of clam taste to it instead of simply plain miso soup.
Rants The location, if without a car, may not be the easiest to access especially if it rains. However, the scenic and tranquil walk into Keppel Island will be worthwhile though.

Will I return again? Need to impress a date or business clients? Takumi Kacyo will be ideal for some fine Japanese cuisine.

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Takumi Kacyo
2 Keppel Bay Vista
#02-01 Marina at Keppel Bay
Singapore 098382
Tel: +65 6271 7414

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday:
12pm – 2:30pm (Lunch)
6pm – 10:30pm (Dinner)

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3 Comments on Food Review: Takumi Kacyo | Japanese dining at Keppel Island

  1. Ooh yeah, the beef must be heavenly. I love beef prepared this way without any sauces…but at a “heavenly” price of $120!! Guess I can only drool in front of my screen now


  2. Food is good. But service is wanting for a premium restaurant. First time 3 of us went without a reservation, we were asked to sit at the corner bar counter, reason given was tables were “fully reserved”. The tables were not filled even after we finished lunch. Second time I wanted to make a reservation for dinner, the seasonal dinner is unavailable despite it being advertised as the highlight on the website. Third time I went with my friend on my birthday, first the menu showed Hotte was available but the Japanese waitress said it was not available. Then when we asked for the chawamushi that was part of the lunch set, she said they ran out of it and gave us toufu as replacements.


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