Food Review: Basilico @ Regent Singapore | Gastronomic journey through Italy

The Place After a delightful first quarter at Basilico, we are already looking forward to the second half of “Viaggio Italiano” after a preview of some of the highlights for the second half of the year. I am always excited by the prospect of returning to Basilico, simply because of the widespread Italian buffet and my great faith in the culinary team in dishing out authentic Italian fares, which surprises me most of the time. This time round, the year-long culinary theme at Basilico is finally going to transport our taste buds to the South and North regions of Italy.

The Food As part of Basilico’s Basilissimo dinner menu, it comprises an appetiser and dessert buffet, along with an à la carte main course selection.

From July 1 to September 30, the Southern cuisine takes centre stage, with the mains offerings such as the Garlic Orecchiette Pasta with Anchovies, Chilli Sauce, Tiger Prawns, Sea Urchin and Wild Broccoletti, or the 12 Hours Slow-Braised Wagyu Beef Sirloin Roll stuffed with Pecorino Pugliese Cheese in Tomato and Red Wine sauce, among other main offerings.

The former is a great choice if you love seafood, as the fresh tiger prawns and sea urchin will likely blow you away. It is also my first time trying Orecchiette pasta, which is typical of Apulia, a region in southern Italy.

The Slow-Braised Wagyu Beef Sirloin Roll scores on creativity, to say the least. The beautiful plating is a work of art, which is fairly consistent throughout every diner. I like how the hue of the Dry Fava Beans Puree contrast with the beef, with a nice play of juxtaposition to create a balanced impression of the dish. That aside, I would love it more if the wagyu beef is less well-done to fully appreciate its flavour.
IMG_5253eFor desserts, indulge in the Amalfi limoncello Neapolitan Baba with Vanilla Custard and Amarena Cherry.
IMG_5271eFrom October 1 to December 31, meet the Chef’s Vicentina-style Dry-Salted Cod fillet with Soft Herbs Polenta and Roasted Baby Beet and Turnip; and the Milanese-style Saffron Risotto with Asparagus and Braised Beef Shank Ossobuco with Gremolata oil and Bone Marrow Gratin, both specialties of Northern Italy.

The Saffron Risotto is easily my favourite of the night, given my personal penchant for risotto. While the risotto flavor is not as intense as I would imagine, I find it well-balanced by the comparatively stronger flavors of the bone marrow gratin and the beef shank.
IMG_5226eConversely, the Cod Fillet resonates less with me as I am not so accustomed to the dry-salted seasoning. Nevertheless, this is a much lighter and healthier option as opposed to the Saffron Risotto, ideal for someone with a lighter appetite.
IMG_5240eWe do not expect anything less for desserts given Basilico’s Dolce reputation. The Dark chocolate Grand cru Piedmont bonet with Ameretti almond crumble is hard to disappoint when it meets a dark chocolate fan like yours truly. The rich, intense flavor of the chocolate feels like a good perk at the end of the meal.
IMG_5278eApart from the à la carte main course selection, there is a wide spread of antipasti and desserts as well, which we can assure will spoil you rotten. The antipasti includes parma ham, sliced meats and fish with specially paired sauces such as truffle cream sauce, artisanal homemade bread selection, customized salad counter and a wide range of cheese cuts.
IMG_5163e IMG_5188e IMG_5174eFor desserts, the pastry team at Basilico changes the spread periodically, and we would highly recommend the homemade Gelato flavours if you only have space to try one item. My favorite flavours are the refreshing Lime Basil sorbet, which I find rather palate-cleansing after all the food, and the intense Dark Chocolate flavour.
IMG_5235e IMG_5145e IMG_5135eDo check out our earlier review of Basilico earlier this year for more glimpse of the spread.

The Basilico’s Basilissimo dinner menu is priced at S$88++ per person.

Rants How about adding some Italian soup to the buffet spread? It will surely enhance the overall dining experience.

Will I return again? Good Italian food with consistent quality across the buffet spread is hard to come by. If I have a top 5 buffet list, Basilico is definitely on the list. This is one restaurant to experience the flavours of Italy without flying over.

Make your reservation instantly at Basilico here.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5
Overall Experience: 4.5/5 

Regent Singapore, Level 2
1 Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249715
Tel: +65 6725 3232

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 12 to 2.30 pm (Monday to Saturday); 12 to 3 pm (Sunday)
Dinner: 6.30 to 10 pm

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