Food Review: Fuku Fine Dining Restaurant | Singapore’s only Puffer Fish Restaurant

The Place Mention Fugu (Puffer Fish) and no doubt some people may be skeptical about it. Fuku Fine Dining Restaurant along Mohamed Sultan Road is the only restaurant in Singapore which offers this delicacy, helmed by Chef Koji Tsukamoto, who is the only certified Fugu Chef in Singapore. This is definitely a very niche Japanese restaurant in Singapore.
oxnubs42QYG9GfYBWWjoYfZOoE3LqUhQZh2J_r4jlusThe Food Bored of the usual hotpot? How about trying the Fugu hotpot, possibly the one of its kind in Singapore? The hotpot is one of the main highlights at Fuku, where we get to choose from the Tecchiri (clear soup) or Soya Bean soup base. Other than the Fugu Hotpot, there is also the highly prized Shabu Shabu Hotpot with A5 Miyazaki beef. These hotpots are priced at $70++ per pot, which can be shared among two diners.

For the month of June only, there is a special promotion where each pot goes at $60++ instead.

Note that for the prices of the individual dishes below, it reflects the add-on prices with the order of any hotpot.

Fuku restaurant uses top quality Torafugu or Tiger Puffer Fish in their dishes, imported twice a week from Shimonoseki, also known as the Fugu capital as the city is the largest harvester of Pufferfish in Japan.

For all customers, there is a complimentary appetizer and Gelatine Meat. Contrary to what I thought prior to visiting Fuku, the fish is fairly nutritious, high in collagen and protein.
IMG_6471eIt was my first time trying Fuku sashimi, which I honestly would not be able to tell it apart from other kinds of sashimi. The Tessa ($39) dish, thinly sliced Fugu sashimi, is not as flavourful as other kinds of sashimi like Swordfish or Tuna. It taste quite bland initially, but after a few slices I got to appreciate the flavor better. I would say Fugu is definitely an acquired taste and it really helps that the ones here are very fresh to begin with.
IMG_6464eThe Fugu Sushi ($9 for 3 pieces), topped with edible golden flakes is one of my favourite dish of the night. I like the firmness of the sushi, which falls apart more often than not in mediocre Japanese restaurants.IMG_6491e

Hotpots are one of the things I enjoyed having, but this is definitely my first having a Fugu Hotpot. The chef will prepare and cook for customers, so just sit back and wait to be served. Between the Tecchiri (clear soup) and Soya Bean soup base, my preference goes towards the stronger flavoured fresh soya bean soup, which compliments each component of the hotpot better, especially the Fugu fish when it is cooked and soaked in the rich soup base.
IMG_6546e IMG_6595eIf you know me well enough, I love Japanese Wagyu beef, so I was really looking forward to the Shabu Shabu Hotpot with A5 Miyazaki beef. Miyazaki is a region in Kyushu, Japan, which is renowned for its high quality Japanese Wagyu Beef. The intense marbling of the beef is a clear testament of the quality, which literally melts-in-the-mouth.
IMG_6603eFor the more adventurous, how about trying Fugu Sake? It is my first time hearing such a version, but it is a visual treat to watch the chef ignite the Sake glass, which has Fugu fin in the Sake. The taste is quite unique, it’s somewhat like a fugu soup with sake in it.
IMG_6515e IMG_6532eRants
Being such a specialised restaurant, it is either you love or hate Fugu, so there is not much of an option to try other kinds of meats here.

Will I return again? At the end of the meal, I profess that I am not an instant Fugu convert. Fugu is very much an acquired taste, so I guess it has to grow on me eventually. That said, Fuku restaurant is the place to go to in Singapore if you fancy and appreciate this fine Japanese delicacy. For a whole new hotpot experience, I would say why not?

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Fuku Fine Dining Restaurant
14 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238963
Tel: +65 6235 8216

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: 6pm – 11pm (Dinner time Only)


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