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The Place Brasserie Les Saveurs is probably one of the most beautiful contemporary French restaurant in Singapore, that was my first thought when I stepped into the elegant dining area on an evening. With its impossibly high ceilings and glass panels, I was lucky to catch a glimpse of twilight, till the ambience transits to the more romantic tone by nightfall. Located at the lobby level of St. Regis Singapore, the signature restaurant of the hotel has recently welcomed its new Chef de Cuisine Thomas Cruise, who has chalked his decade-long culinary experience with acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants such as Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Vancouver outpost, Market.
IMG_6642e - Copy For the ultimate privacy, there are some really cosy private dining areas for an intimate meal.
IMG_6654e - CopyThe Food Chef Thomas Cruise brings a revamped à la carte menu to the table at Brasserie Les Saveurs by employing classic French cooking techniques in his dishes, with some of the highlights including the Butter-Sealed Dover Sole Fillet and the Poached Boston Lobster and Langoustine roulade.

Other than the à la carte menu, Brasserie Les Saveurs also offers a dinner Degustation menu (5-course at $148++/person, 7-course at $168++/person) and The St. Regis Connoisseur Dinner experience, which includes a choice of mains and a wide spread of hors d’oeuvres and dessert ($73++/person).
IMG_6644e - Copy

For entrée, some of the highlights include the Duck Foie Gras ($28) and Poached Boston Lobster and Langoustine ($32).

Between the two, I was looking forward more to the Duck Foie Gras, given my penchant for this sinful yet indulgent delicacy. Prepared Au Torchon, which typically takes a few days of preparation, the cylindrical shaped Foie Gras is served with buttered brioche, peaches and roasted pistachio. I am usually more accustomed to the Foie Gras Terrine or Grilled Foie Gras, but I am spolit by the Au Torchon Foie Gras after trying this, as I find that the taste is much smoother and easier to go on the palate than other renditions. Topped it with the buttery brioche, this is a masterpiece entrée.

That said, the Poached Boston Lobster and Langoustine is not without its glory. The Roulade is a novel idea for sure, by the ingenious use of Mango to give the lobster meat an added refreshing touch. The shaved Daikon and Salmon Roe completes the dish tastefully.
If there is one soup to have, it is undoubtedly the rich Lobster Bisque ($26), a classic French dish and long-time favourite at Brasserie Les Saveurs. The presentation is stellar, from the moment the bowl is served with the generous chunk of fresh crab and dill, till the magical seconds when the soup is poured over. This is one waterfall I wish never stops. Texture wise, I find the richness of the lobster bisque to be just right for me and not too cloying. Adding the extra touch to the soup is the thyme-scented crouton with radishes, crispy and best while soaked in the tasty lobster bisque. IMG_6706e - CopyFor mains, one of the signatures to try is the Butter-Sealed Dover Sole Fillet ($63), served with seared potatoes, brown butter, parsley and capers. Buttery seared dishes generally works well for me, especially for fillets. I like it that the Chef did not overplay the butter element, which retains the essence and flavour of the fresh fillet.
IMG_6729eAnother worthy mains to consider having is the Grilled Lamb Cutlet ($46), which employs high quality milk-fed lamb cuts with bell pepper ragout, polenta galette, roast garlic and Provencal olive sauce. I profess I am not a lamb lover to begin with, but I ended up finishing this dish. The lamb for sure does not have a strong aroma which I usually associate it with, which makes it easy to stomach for me. It also helps that the meat is very succulent, done to the right degree, and some parts of soft gelatinous fat meat around it. On a sidenote, the polenta galette is such a nice alternative to mashed potatoes. This is one dish which Lamb lovers should not miss trying.
IMG_6735eMeats aside, the menu has a few Vegetarian options as well, such as the Truffle Ravioli ($34), with Truffle-infused ricotta cheese ravioli with asparagus and mushroom cream sauce. This dish reminds me of a similar rendition I tried in Lyon (France) previously, with its thick truffle scent and rich mushroom sauce.
IMG_6728eFor a palatable treat after all the food, I would strongly recommend the Chocolate “Millefeuille” ($17) for dessert, made from 70% Chocolate Moelleux, Milk Chocolate Peanut Cremeux, Salted Caramel Sauce and Chocolate Tuile. The chocolate cremeux has a mousse-like texture, yet it is not as soft as mousse. This is one decadent end to an awesome dinner.

Rants It irks me that I couldn’t find a rant about Brasserie Les Saveurs, but if there should be anything, it will probably be the steep pricing. Then again, it’s all worth it though!

Will I Return Again? Classic French ambience and exquisitely executed food, there is nothing not to love about Brasserie Les Saveurs. The lovely setting makes it ideal for a romantic date, celebratory occasions or an intimate catch up with friends. It wouldn’t be my last visit to Brasserie Les Saveurs for sure.

For more information, do check out Brasserie Les Saveurs website.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 
Overall Experience:

Brasserie Les Saveurs
St. Regis Singapore, Lobby Level
29 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911
Tel: +65 6506 6860

Opening hours:
Breakfast: 6:30am to 10:30am (Daily)
Lunch: 12noon to 2:30pm (Monday to Saturday)
Brunch: 12noon to 3pm (Sunday)
Afternoon Tea: 3pm to 5pm (Monday to Saturday)
Afternoon Tea: 4pm to 6pm (Sunday)
Dinner: 7pm to 10pm (Daily)

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