Food Scoops: Most Affordable Japanese Omakase Restaurants In Singapore For Less Than S$100

We love our Japanese omakase, and in a world where travel is not normal any more, our craving for Japanese food resonates even more. While Japanese omakase usually comes with a hefty price tag, fortunately there are a couple of restaurants which are quite value for money in terms of their offerings.

Kaunta Singapore
Tucked away in Onze building Tanjong Pagar, Kaunta Singapore is a cosy 20-seater omakase restaurant. Most of the seats are counter seats where it is a close interaction with the chef. Affordability is the main draw at Kaunta where lunch omakase starts from S$50, while dinner omakase starts from S$180. I went for the most value for money Omakase Kiri (S$50), which includes an Appetizer, 7 pieces sushi, Hot dish, Miso soup and Dessert. [Read more here…]
Address: 11 Kee Seng Street, #01-12 Onze, Singapore 089218

Ryo Sushi
Located in Tanjong Pagar at level one of Orchid Hotel, Ryo Sushi offers one of the most affordable omakase meals in Singapore from S$38 helmed by Chef Roy. The omakase meals start from S$38 for a 15-course meal, yes you didn’t read it wrongly. This is a price tag which I have not seen before in Singapore. It then moves on to 18-Course (S$68), and the most premium menu at S$98. The downside is that it is quite difficult to secure a table. [Read more here…]
Address: 1 Tras Link, #01-06, Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867

Rockon Tokyo
This is a relatively new Japanese restaurant in Tanjong Pagar which specialises in obanzai Kyoto-style home cooked meals. Obanzai is a traditional type of Japanese cuisine native to Kyoto where most of the ingredients used hails from Kyoto as well. The menu is a mix of ala carte selections, or you can go for the 8-course Omakase meal (S$88), where you can expect the likes of dishes like Seasonal Sashimi, Charcoal-grilled seasonal fish, and Deep-fried Crab Dumpling. [Read more here…]
Address: 106 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088525

Jun Omakase
Located in Samsung Hub in Raffles Place, the lunch omakase at Jun Omakase starts at S$68++ per person. The contemporary looking Japanese restaurant is fairly spacious, and the the 7-course lunch meal is inclusive of 2 Starters, Assorted Sashimi, 2 Mains, Assorted Sushi and Dessert. The assorted sushi and sashimi courses are the highlights for me. [Read more here…]
Address: 3 Church Street, #01-01, Samsung Hub, Singapore 049483

Teppei Japanese Restaurant
There is little reason to even doubt that this is probably the Japanese restaurant which offers the most value for money Omakase sets for dinner, with its infamous waiting and reservation time of up to a few months in advance. I had the S$80 Omakase set during my last visit few years ago, during which I lost count of the number of courses over the two hour plus dinner session. The courses for the Omakase changes periodically, so my advice is to have the Omakase with an open mind and be prepared to be surprised by each course. If you are expecting fine dining plating at Teppei, you will be disappointed as the restaurant focuses more on the quality rather than visual presentation. [Read more here…]
Address: 1 Tras Link, 01-18 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867

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2 Comments on Food Scoops: Most Affordable Japanese Omakase Restaurants In Singapore For Less Than S$100

  1. Authenticjap // February 21, 2021 at 14:32 // Reply

    They’re not authentic japanese of course it’s cheap! Cheap quality that isn’t brought in from japan. Don’t compare it.


    • Truth be told, some of these restaurants are helmed by Japanese chefs. And I do know that some of their seafood are imported from Japan weekly, or even more often than that. Having said, if you have any recommendations to share across, do share with our readers too!


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