Food Review: Firangi Superstar At Craig Road | Modern Indian Restaurant With Cinematic Dining Ambience

The Place You don’t get a cinematic dining experience in Singapore often and the new Firangi Superstar along Craig Road is all out to redefine that notion. The New Indian restaurant doesn’t play on the traditional Indian dishes, but redefines Indian cuisine through the lens of a foreigner. 

The space is pretty dramatic as well. There are four themed rooms, starting with the Officer’s Club at the entrance, proceeding to the Old Railway Room, followed by the opulence of the Elephant Palace, and finally Jungle Lodge. Every room is full of character, and while it seems like an eclectic mix of decorations, it all gels well together like a posh mansion. 

The Food Helmed by Head Chef Thiru Gunasakaran, the dishes here are shaped by his memories at home, coupled with his Western culinary background. My personal sense is that it is a very modern interpretation of Indian flavours, and definitely not a restaurant to expect traditional Indian food. 

Menu sections consist of Chutneys and Raitas, Small and Large plates, Sides, Rice & Bread, and Desserts. Just over half the menu is vegetarian. Drinks wise, the restaurant’s cocktail offerings are an Indian take on classic cocktails, with an extensive alternative drinks programme of G&Ts, mocktails, beers, wines, whiskeys, spirits and liqueurs.  

My meal started with the Chutney & Raita (2 for S$10, 3 for S$14) where we had a selection of house-made chutneys and raita served with papads and crackers. Addictive snacks to go along with our drinks and I especially like the Roasted Pistachio Chutney. 

A dish which surprised me is the Beirut Bhatura (S$12) with Celeriac Hummus, Chickpea Masala and Pomegranate Powder. You get a nice contrast between the subtle flavour of the celeriac and the rich chickpea masala seasoned with Punjabi spices like pomegranate powder, green mango powder, and black cardamom. The best way to enjoy the dish is to smear it on the fluffy bhatura (deep-fried leavened bread), which lends the dish an added texture and crunch.

This Is Not Aloo Gobi ($16), as its name suggests, is not the usual cauliflower dish. Instead, the dish is presented and done in three ways: Cauliflower Cous-cous, Masala Compote and Crispy Potato. I like the flavour of the deep-fried potatoes with the slightly spicy compote and the flavourful cauliflower. 

Refreshing is how I will describe the Sothi Fresh (S$22), a lovely combination of Snapper Ceviche, Kokum, Coconut, Turmeric and Boondi. 

Another delicious snack to have is the Sacred Samosa (S$26), where there is wagyu beef tartare sandwiched between samosa crisps, placed on a base of mint raita. 

One of the ingenious dishes here is the Prata Waffle ??? (S$24), a twist on the familiar Chicken & Waffles. Chef Thiru prepares Madras-style fried chicken with curry leaves and garlic, which sits on a waffle pressed prata. Served with butter chicken sauce and jaggery syrup, this dish is a great marriage of western and Indian flavours. A prata waffle is my new favourite kind of waffle.

For big plates, I had the North x Northwest (Market Price), which is the Tawa Atlantic Lobster with Lobster Masala Sauce and Kashmiri Chili. This seafood dish is good to share for a few pax, and apart from the fresh lobster meat, I like the lobster masala sauce which is a perfect accompaniment with some naan. 

Pumpkin alone is rarely a highlight for a main dish, and it is a star dish on its own here at Firangi. The Salvador Thali (S$41) showcases the vegetable in its full glory. You get Roasted Pumpkin with Sambhar, Mint, Quinoa and Chili, where the pumpkin is roasted in the tandoor. The result? A myriad of rich flavours here which is typically not seen in a pumpkin dish. 

The Firangi Naan Basket (S$12) is a must have to go along with the sauces, where you can pick from flavours like Plain, Black Garlic Butter or Nigella Seeds. I had the Black Garlic Butter which is my favourite! 

For desserts, I had the Chocolate Jamun (S$15) with Chocolate Mousse and Rose Crème Patissiere; as well as the Mango Kesari (S$12) with Mango-Saffron Mousse and Alphonso Tea Gel. Both selections aren’t too sweet, which is a nice deviation from the usual Indian desserts. 

Rants Expect a dim, ambient lighting which makes it not a friendly spot for mobile phone photography.

Will I Return Again? Come to Firangi for a modern take and twist on Indian cuisine, and indulge in the cinematic dining setting which feels out of the world.  

This was an invited tasting, though all opinions expressed are our own.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Firangi Superstar 
20 Craig Road 
Singapore 089692 
Tel: +65 6304 3022 

Opening Hours 
Mondays to Saturday: 12pm to 3pm; 5:30pm to 12am   
Closed on Sunday

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