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The Place If you were to ask me which is one of the finest Chinese restaurant in Singapore, Yan Ting at St. Regis Singapore inevitably comes to my mind. I have always been a fan of the dim sum at Yan Ting, having frequented it on a few occasions previously with my family and friends. Located on level 1U of St. Regis Singapore, the hotel is situated slightly off the main Orchard Road, yet still centrally located to all the major shopping spots. I always feel that I can have an intimate and cosy dining session whenever I visit Yan Ting, given the location of the restaurant as well as the comfortable ambience.

The Food So I was really excited to try some of the highlights from the revamped à la carte menu on my latest visit, featuring Yan Ting’s Executive Chef Tony Wun’s signature creations. For a start, I had the Trio of Appetisers, featuring the Deep-fried Whitebait Fish with salt and pepper, Homemade Marinated Radish and Pan-fried Scallop in Teriyaki Sauce. My favourite of the lot is the fresh scallops drenched in teriyaki sauce as it offered the most flavour for me amongst the trio. A promising start to the meal indeed.

IMG_2217eCantonese soup is something I always look forward to, which explains why the Double-boiled Abalone Consommé with Ginseng served in Teapot is one of my favourite dish of the night.The exquisite presentation already won me over, having soup in a tea cup instead of the usual fashion. And if you are wondering, the abalone is soaked in the teapot for some time to give the consommé its rich flavour.
For something really indulgent, do try the Braised Bird’s Nest with Black Truffle in Pumpkin Sauce. It is a refreshing combination for me in terms of the ingredients by enjoying the nourishing element of the bird’s nest with the sweet pumpkin sauce. The most extravagant garnish has to be the black truffle, which I’m not complaining at all.

The Steamed Seafood Dumpling with Egg White sauce seems like a simple dish, but it’s not easy feat to wrap the seafood ingredients in the egg white skin with corn flour. Definitely a satisfying way to load up my protein intake once in a while.

Another favourite of the lot, the Pan-fried Chicken with Morel in Superior Soy Sauce was a hearty dish for me, given my penchant for chicken on normal days. The soy sauce gives the soft chicken that extra punch, while the morel makes me love this dish even more. Anything with mushrooms is difficult to go wrong with me.

The Baked Beef Ribs with Herbs served with Ee-fu Noodles is another familiar dish to me, given my preference for noodles over rice most of the time and Ee-fu noodles also happens to be one of my favourite Chinese style noodles. Paired with the beef, this is probably one of the best way to enjoy the aromatic noodles.

Desserts at Yan Ting never disappoint, well as least I was not at all. The Jelly with Ice Cream served in Coconut scored the first point with its endearing presentation, which fortunately was not all about the coconut shell. The coconut ice cream is rich and refreshing after the series of dishes, while the addition of jelly makes this dessert an even more unique one which scores in all aspects.

And to dig something more local, try the Crispy Red Bean with Banana Fritters. I am usually not a red bean or banana dessert fan but I can’t stop at my first bite on this, shame on me. The marriage of red bean, a traditional Chinese favourite, with banana fritters is simply heavenly much to my surprise. Do not stop at one, last warning.

Rants Its definitely not the most modestly priced Chinese restaurant in town, but honestly for its quality, you are probably making your bucks worthwhile!

Will I Return Again? I always save Yan Ting for special occasions because it always feels good to pamper yourself or your loved ones by bringing them here. Prices do not come cheap for sure, but it’s always nice to have a good meal at a nice restaurant like Yan Ting occasionally.

For more information, do check out Yan Ting’s website.

Make your reservations instantly at Yan Ting here.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 
Overall Experience:

Yan Ting
St. Regis Singapore
29 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911
Tel: +65 6506 6887

Opening hours:
Lunch (Daily): 12pm to 2:30pm
Dinner (Daily): 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Weekend Dim Sum Brunch (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays):
First Seating at 10:30am to 12:30pm & Second Seating at 1pm to 3pm

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