Snippets: Weekender Foodmania Awards 2016 | It’s Back, it’s Bigger, it’s Mania!

Weekender Foodmania Awards is back for its third year, and we have to say we are excited. With 89 restaurants across 9 categories, this is the biggest Weekender Foodmania Awards yet. And this can only get more crazy, as theRantingPanda is part of this year’s Gourmet Judging Panel for the awards! Yes, that’s mania!

How you get to have your say?
Get on to the official website, and you can get to vote for your top choice in each of the 9 categories.

What are the categories this year?
Categories includes International Buffet houses (e.g. J65, Lime Restaurant), Chinese (e.g. Mitzo, Jiang-Nan Chun, Wan Hao), European (e.g. Bread Street Kitchen, Stellar at 1-Altitude), Italian (e.g. Aura, Capri), Japanese (e.g. The Sushi Bar, Tenkaichi), Korean (e.g. Seorae), Steak (e.g. District 10, Osia, One-Ninety), Asian (e.g. Nara Thai, Sufood), American (e.g. Dallas Restaurant & Bar, The Mustard Incident).

When will I know the results?
You will know the results of the Weekender Foodmania Awards 2016 in the first week of July! So mark your calendars, and start reserving the nominated restaurants you are keen to try on!

What’s theRantingPanda doing on the Gourmet Judging Panel?
Now that the tough part of bringing together the nomination list has been done by the Weekender team (kudos to them), the Pandas will now be visiting the restaurants over the next month and sampling through some of the restaurant’s highlights! In between these meals and deciding which restaurant deserves the awards, we will go also be heading to the gym to recover from this over-indulgence!

Be lucky.
Make your voice heard, and you may just be walking home as one of the lucky draw winners! Do so before voting closes on 3rd June!

FMA2016 vote & prizes v2

Visit the Weekender Foodmania Awards 2016 official website to read more about the nominated restaurants, and yes, VOTE!

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